Amtgard Corpora Section 3 -- Amtgard Government
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Amtgard Corpora Section 3 -- Amtgard Government

3.1 Althings:
3.11 An Althing shall be scheduled once each month. Whether it is actually held is subject to group interest and involvement. (i.e.- if no one has business to bring before the group, then there will be no Althing for that month).
3.12 Anyone may attend; Only dues paying members (active, or "donating" members) may vote on Amtgard policies.
3.13 The Althing may do the following things:
3.131 Discuss and enact rule changes.
3.132 Revise and update the Corpora.
3.133 Discuss and vote on major expenditures of the group treasury.
3.134 Discuss the future of the Kingdom and its priorities.
3.14 Althing rules of order may be set down by the Crown. The Champion is responsible for enforcement.

3.2 Elections:
3.21 Shall be held by the Prime Minister.
3.211 Exception- the Prime Minister election will be held by the Guildmaster of Reeves.
3.22 The winner of any election requires a simple plurality vote (more votes than the next highest vote getter).
3.23 People must have been in the group for six months in order to vote in any election.
3.231 The Crown may also set a minimum attendance and require a contributing membership for determining eligibility to vote in elections.
3.24 The Monarch shall break any tie votes in an election.
3.25 A person may only be an active member of one group in any six month period (and thus, may only vote in Althings and elections in that one group).

3.3 Removing Amtgard Officers:
3.31 Can be initiated by a petition signed by at least 20% of the active (dues paying) members of the group.
3.32 Requires a 2/3 vote of all the group's members for removal.
3.33 May be vetoed by joint agreement of the Monarch and Prime Minister.
3.34 Note: no person may hold any of the following two positions at the same time- Monarch, Royal Consort, Champion, Prime Minister.

3.4 Rules Changes:
3.41 Any decision agreed upon by the Monarch and Prime Minister is law until the next Althing (a duration of one to seven weeks).
3.42 Temporary rulings may be published in the newsletter.
3.43 Final rulings will be added to an addenda sheet for local group use only.
3.44 Only the Althing, or the Monarch and Prime Minister, can change, add or delete from the laws of Amtgard.
3.45 Any suggested changes to a class should be first passed by the guildmaster of that class.
3.46 Rules changes that apply to all groups of Amtgard International require a 75% vote of current Kingdom level Monarchs and a ruling by the Central Board of Directors that no mundane or Amtgard Contract/Agreement laws have been broken.

3.5 Dues (donations) and Policies of the Treasury
3.51 Dues are $6 for six months. Though not required of Amtgard members, certain positions and prerogatives may only be applicable to active (dues paying) members. People should read this Corpora very carefully to ascertain the advantages of active (i.e.- donating) membership.
3.52 Receipts will be given if requested.
3.53 The Prime Minister shall serve in the capacity of group treasurer.
3.54 The Monarch or Prime Minister may each spend 10% of the treasury every month in order to run the group. The Althing must vote on any larger expenditures of the treasury.
3.55 Dues paying members are entitled to a copy of the rules, the Corpora, and the group newsletter. However, note that the group is not obligated to provide materials to a member if the cost to reproduce those materials exceeds the sum of the dues that particular person paid.

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