Corpora Section 1 -- Offices of the Kingdom
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Corpora Section 1 -- Offices of the Kingdom

1.1 Monarch (King or Queen):
1.11 Crown elections will be held once every six months. The winner of the election will be
the Monarch for the next six months.
1.111 Exception- A Crown tourney may be held. The winner of this tourney will become the
Monarch for six months or if elections are held, Champion.
1.12 Will have an automatic seat at the Althings.
1.121 Will have the power to break ties at the Althings.
l.13 Shall preside over and conduct all ceremonies and functions.
1.14 Is not required to pay any fees during his/her term.
1.15 May award the following honors:
1.151 Titles of Nobility - granted by patent (discretion of Monarch): Marquis, Viscount, Baronet, Lord (lesser title)
1.152 Titles of Nobility - earned by tenure (for a specific service listed in this Corpora): Grand Duke, Arch Duke, Duke, Count, Baron, Defender (lesser title).
1.153 Peerage- the four orders of Knighthood:
Crown- for service in the Amtgard's highest offices
Flame- for excellence in service
Serpent- for excellence in the arts and/or sciences
Sword- for excellence in combat
1.154 The following orders: Dragon, Flame, Griffon, Hydra, Jovious, Lion, Mask, Owl, Rose, Walker of the Middle, Warrior, Zodiac
1.155 Titles of Masterhood for the service guilds (by tenure): Garber, Reeve, Smith
1.156 Titles of Masterhood for the orders (by tenure): Dragon, Lion/Griffon, Owl, Rose, Warrior (Warlord)
1.157 Garber and Smith credits
1.158 Titles of masterhood (in conjunction with the Prime Minister and class guildmaster) for the fighting guilds.
1.159 Titles of masterhood for the service guilds (by patent).
1.16 May create new honors, awards, masterhoods,and titles.
1.17 Will receive these titles after his/her term is over:
1.171 Knight of the Crown (at the option of the next incoming Monarch)
1.172 Duke/Duchess (or Grand Duke for serving two or more terms as Monarch)
1.18 Shall descend from the throne if he/she misses more than four weeks in a row or twelve weeks total.
1.181 Exception- special situations will be taken into consideration by the Althing.
1.19 No Monarch may have the throne for more than two consecutive terms.
1.1A Only those who qualify at Crown qualifications may try for Monarch.
1.1B Shall hold an automatic seat on the B.O.D. during his/her term.
1.1C A Monarch may remove (strip) a title of honor from a person for repeated proven violations of the corpora and/or rulebook under the following conditions:
1.1C1 agreement of 75% at the vote of an Althing,
1.1C2 agreement of the Prime Minister,
1.1C3 a majority vote of all people with the same title that is removed (i.e.- all Barons would vote for the removal of a Baron title),
1.1C4 agreement of 75% of the local group B.O.D. if the person to be stripped no longer resides in that kingdom.
1.1D Note: Titles and honors may never be awarded to the members of another kingdom without that Monarch's permission.
1.1E The Monarch must be at least 18 years of age.

1.2 Royal Consort (Princess/Prince):
1.21 Every Monarch must have a Princess/Prince Consort/Regent.
1.22 May bestow the following orders: Dragon, Lion, Owl, Rose
1.23 Is not required to pay any fees during her/his term.
1.24 Shall head and be responsible for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences.
1.25 May create new honors and awards in keeping with her/his duties.
1.26 Is responsible for the next Crown Coronation feast.
1.27 Will receive the title of Countess/Count after her/his term is over.
1.28 Shall not miss six weeks in a row or more than twelve weeks total else a new consort must be chosen.

1.3 Prime Minister:
1.31 Once every six months during a Monarch's midreign an election shall be held. The winner of this election shall become the Prime Minister for six months.
1.32 All candidates for the election must be approved by the Althing.
1.33 The Prime Minister is not required to pay any monthly dues during his/her term.
1.34 Is responsible for the following aspects of the group funds:
1.341 Collection of all fees and dues
1.342 Maintain and keep accurate records of the group treasury
1.343 Keep accurate records on all group income and expenditures
1.344 Maintain accurate records on the dues paid status of all group members.
1.35 Must keep records of attendance and active members
1.351 Must keep the Member Information files on all members up to date.
1.36 Is responsible for providing rule books and newsletters to the populace.
1.37 Will receive the title: Baron/Baroness when his/her term is over.
1.38 Shall not miss more than a total of eight weeks else a new Prime Minister must be elected.
1.39 Shall hold an automatic seat on the B.O.D. during his/her term.
1.3A Must be at least 18 years of age.

1.4 Champion of the Realm:
1.41 The Champion is the individual who placed second in the Crown tourney.
1.411 Exception- if the Monarch is elected, then the winner of the Crown tournament shall be the Champion.
1.42 Shall maintain a lost and found for the organization.
1.43 Responsible that all weapons and armor have been checked for safety and legality.
1.44 Responsible for organizing the battlegames on days when no predetermined scenarios are scheduled.
1.45 Shall be the defender of the Crown.
1.46 Will become the pro-tem Monarch if the present Monarch should prematurely leave the throne.
1.461 Exception- if the Monarch is elected, then the Royal Consort replaces a departed Monarch.
1.47 Shall not miss more than four weeks in a row or twelve weeks total else a new Champion must be found.
1.48 Shall receive the title of Defender after his/her term.

1.5 Board of Directors (or B.O.D.):
1.51 Five group members shall be chosen by open ballot to serve in this capacity.
1.511 An election for the B.O.D. will be held once a year during the first week in January.
1.512 The Monarch and Prime Minister will hold automatic seats on the B.O.D. during their terms in office.
1.52 The B.O.D. will have no power to change, alter, or otherwise affect the rulebook(s) or Corpora.
1.53 The B.O.D. will work with the Monarch and Prime Minister in areas where the group has dealings with various government agencies and their institutions and laws.
1.54 The B.O.D. has no status in the order of precedence, and no jurisdiction over internal group functions.
1.55 The B.O.D. shall meet to discuss business not less than once every three months.
1.56 The B.O.D. shall choose the following corporate officers:
1.561 Membership officer and designated agent (i.e.- Secretary)- responsible for maintaining a mailing address for the Amtgard corporation. Will work with the treasurer under the authority of the B.O.D. to handle all corporate business with all government agencies and organizations. Shall list the minutes of all B.O.D. meetings.
1.562 Treasurer shall maintain an accurate record of all corporate income and expenditures, specifically in the case of government audits. Will be required to work closely with the Prime Minister in these areas.
1.57 Scheduled BOD meetings may be closed to the populace, but the minutes of the meetings must be printed and made available to the populace within four weeks of that meeting.

1.6 Scribe:
1.61 Appointment and dismissal are the Monarch's option.
1.62 Shall work with the Prime Minister to insure that an Amtgard newsletter is printed at least once every two months.
1.63 Print any fliers, letters, or other news of the Crown and Prime Minister.
1.64 Work with the Monarch and Prime Minister to maintain a yearly calendar of events.
1.65 Keep the minutes of all Amtgard meetings and Althings.

1.7 Guildmaster of Reeves:
1.71 Shall be chosen from the Reeves guild by election at the Crown Qualifications. Members
of the guild who may vote are those who passed the Reeves test with a score of 75% or better, and the current guildmaster.
1.72 Shall work with the Monarch and Prime Minister to ensure that the rules are applied accurately, fairly, and honestly on the battlefield.
1.73 Shall work with the Champion in checking armor and weapons for safety and legality.
1.74 Must make sure that there is an appropriate number of reeves at any Amtgard event, and
ensure that the conduct of reeves is competent and fair.
1.75 Will be the Crown's advisor on the rules.
1.76 Will give the Reeves test every six months at Crown Qualifications.
1.77 Dismissal is by a decision of the Monarch and Prime Minister.
1.78 May enforce an initial warning, followed by bout forfeit, and then tourney disqualification system for particularity troublesome or unsportsmanlike fighters at the tourneys.

1.8 Captain of the Monarch's Guard:
1.81 Appointment and dismissal are the Monarch's option.
1.82 Shall be in charge of security at all Amtgard events.
1.83 Shall ensure that the Monarch and Consort are properly escorted.
1.84 Will share duties with the Champion in terms of carrying out the policies of the Crown.

1.9 Class Guildmasters:
1.91 Each fighting guild, the Circle of Knights, the Circle of Steel, and the Reeves Guild will each vote for their guildmaster at the Crown Qualifications held every six months.
1.911 One must have participated in a guild in the past six months in order to vote in the election for that guild's guildmaster.
1.92 Class guilds include all fighting guilds (warriors, healers, barbarians, etc.).
1.93 Guildmasters have the following responsibilities:
1.931 Must keep the members of their guild following the proper rules of their class.
1.932 Monitor their classes and present ideas for improvements and possible solutions for
problem areas to the Monarch and the Althing.
1.933 Help new people to learn and play by the rules.
1.934 Encourage garb, equipment, and personas applicable to their class.
1.94 Guildmasters may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of all guild members and approval of the Monarch and Prime Minister.

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