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Vittorio di Raniari

Vittorio's persona
I am Vittorio di Raniari. I am a Vampire/Warrior. I was not always a vampire. I became a vampire in the 1450's. I was once a young boy. Who lived in Florence Italy.When i was just about the age of 16, my entire family was slaughtered by a group of renegade vampires. My brothers Mattimeo and Bartholamu where both beheaded right in front of me by a savage vampire whom I do not know the name of. There was a woman who enchanted me within her awestounding beauty. Her name was Ursala, and she too was a vampire. We lived together for awhile after she made me a vampire and we fell in love and had a son. When we were in our home, one cool evening, the no named figured came and I tried to fight him but he just threw me to the side killed my son and my wife and just laughed and lept out the window and out of of sight and trace. Now i wander the lands far and wide trying to find this mysterious vampire, and to vanquish him to avenge my family and my love, Ursala. Then one day i wandered into Murkey Hollow and met a Druid there named Lestat and he cured me of my vampiric blood, so now i am a warrior with some characteristics of a vampire. And if a vampire looks at me wrong or says something wrong I will snap like a twig under a horse's hoof. I wield a staff, or a 4 foot sword. whatever i prefer to kill you with. Let Death Come Quick To All That Stand In My Way!