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Vicinity Fearacross Visoar

Vicinity Fearacross Visoar's Persona

It was a dark and stormy night.Vicinity cleaned her masters dishes.
He yelled"Winch,get over here"
She ran to him."Yes Sir, What is your will" she said sarcastly.
"Fix this arrow, stubid winch."
"No, I will not fix your stubid arrow.All you have me do is fix your arrows and heal you when you do something stubid,In 12 years all I have learned is how to fix things and heal peaple.Do you know how to embarrashing it is to walk through town. The men take pleasure in callingme a "Traveling Winch" espesially that Hawk Magavin.The Bloody Bastard.He is no better than you."
"You will not talk to me thatway, Vicinity.I took you in when you were 9. I made you the person you are."
"I will talk to you this way and you will not stop me since I have a sword to you back,You Bastard.You took me in because you knew I was inpressinable.All I wanted to be a healer."
"Magic users-AAAARRRRGGGG" yells the charing warrior."Devil Worshipping Demon Spawn Die"
"Wait_ Whom are you." yells her master.
"Malick the Warrior and the last thing you will ever see."
"I stun thee, I stun thee, I stun thee, I stun thee, Aahhhh" screams her master as he falls.
"Young magic user, Die"
"No, I will not die,Bastard." she yells as she runs from him.She hides behind a bush as he runs past her.Then she runs back to her camp. She collects his spellbook and spell ingredents. Then she runs in the opposite direction of the Malick person. She runs into a man. She screams as he grabs her.
"Who and what are you?"
"I'm Vicinity and I'm a healer."
"Healer you are running why."
"Because a man killed my master and is after me."
"Do you know this mans name."
"He said it was Malick."
" Ohh Malick hates magic users. You can stay here in the Shire of Murky Hollow. He will try not to harm you here."
"Ok , but may I ask what is your name and what are you."
"You may and I'm Gunther the Vehement,
I'm a Barbarian."
"that better than a magic user hating warrior."
"Magic user Die." yells Malick.
"Malick, No she is on our side."
He whispers in a voice of restraint "Magic user, Evil, Must kill, Devil Worshipping Demon Spawn."

Vicinity Fearacross Visoar