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Tayko's persona
A dark figure sneaks quietly through a castle being carefull around every corner,stepping near an open door.
The figure over hears;
page:sir i beg u dont go if the rumors are true!

royal:(grufly)aahhh no assassin stands a chance against me(more quietly)this castle is heavly guarded no army can get in here let alone a single man.

page:but sir.......... buts i do as i wish!

page:very well sir. your dinner will be here shortly.

the page moves toward the door. the figure moves to the shadows and disappears.

royal:page fetch me some more spice.

page:yes sir as u wish

the page walks out the door. the figure moves out of hiding and to the door he looks in. the royal turns his back to the door and speaks to him self:

royal:ha an assassin after me they must be crazy,not even a fly will get past my guards.......(swats at a fly)

the figure moves through the door quickly rushing to the royal.

royal:what the he......

the assassin quickly covers the royals mouth and draws a dagger

assassin:may you meet your god and kiss his feet

the assassin draws his dagger across the mans throat as it cuts like a knife through warm butter. the blood flows down to his shiny armour staining the gold insigna on the breast plate.He looks at a goblett,pulls a vile out pours it in the glass.The assassin stabs the bloody dagger in the table.As he moves towards the door the page walks in.

page:oh its you did you get it done.

assassin:yes thank you for buying time

The assassin picks up his dagger from the table.

page:well to that i toast u

page picks up the glass from the table

page: to the death of milord

assassin:to the death............

the assassin watches as the page gags on the poison and falls to the floor.

assassin:What a waste

Takes the dagger puts it in the pages hand and walks out. as he climbs out the window and down to the courtyard he hears the sounds of guards run through the hall he was just at.

assassin:ahhhh the end of a good day.