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Otto Ekelhaft

Otto Ekelhaft, Witch Hunter of Wolfenburg
Although not the land of his birth, Wolfenburg is where the Witch Hunter known as Otto Ekelhaft began his “Sacred Quest.” Very little is known about the Hunter, as he wanders from town to town, stalking his quarry. What is certain is his possesses an undying hatred and savagery in his pursuit of practitioners of sorcery and the Undead. His is believed to be responsible for the death of over 100 Witches, Wolves, Liches, Ghosts, Vampires, Zombies, and other undead creatures. As with all Witch Hunters, Ekelhaft has a great disdain from all things magical. Legend has it that Otto Ekelhaft was born Prince Otto von Kindsbach Ekelhaft I of the Kingdom of Dornheim. Dornheim was a beautiful Kingdom nestled high in the Mountains that surrounded the countryside. Unfortunately, Otto as born in an age of decadence. His father, the King of Dornheim was a benevolent ruler, but blind to the corruption and subterfuge practiced by his closet advisors. Soon, the King was little more than a figure head, the staple of a dying breed. The bureaucrats were in control. Sometime during the mid 1530’s the Barbarian hordes of the Northland attacked the Kingdom. Their attack spread like wildfire. Even the great Imperial Army was unable to defend against the hit-and-run attacks of the hordes. The Guerilla tactics took its toll on the Army, as unprecedented thousands fell to these “Eindringlinge Vom Norden,” Invaders from the North. The King was under great duress, he came to realization he had no power, and had to deal with a war on both fronts- from the Norden, from his own people, who held him responsible for the shrinking empire. And finally, from a barren Queen, who could provide him no heir. Fearing the inevitable; his legacy tarnished, the King traveled to the distant lands of Wolfenburg, specifically, to the Woods which lie on the Western front of the region. Upon his arrival, the King supposedly met with a Coven of Witches. Making a pact with them, the King requested that his Kingdom be restored and that the Imperial Army utterly destroy these “Invaders from the North.” Before leaving, an older member of the Coven approached him. She caressed his cheek and muttered something in Romany. When the King inquired why she had said, a young woman told him that making a pact, was, in a sense, making a child. “Purple Fagarda Unsicded.” Which roughly translated means, “Child of the Night Flower.” Soon, fearing his Kingdom would be in even more disarray then when he left, the King returned to Dornheim. Upon his arrival, he discovered that the Imperial Army flanked the Barbarian Hordes and were pushing them back. Soon, the Hordes were defeated, the survivors were sent deep into the mountains to be used as slave labor in the mines. The Kingdom was in a time of prosperity. The King’s legacy and popularity were restored. And on the curtails of this news, his wife gave him the grandest of all-she was pregnant. A child was born a few months later, and the Queen named him Otto, after her grandfather. Schooling him in the etiquette expected of a Prince, young Otto soon became a fine young gentlemen, whose charm and charisma captivated the Kingdom. Many years passed, and during Otto’s Sixteen summer, his father, the King passed on. Feeling it best for him to leave during the transition of power, the Queen sent Otto to school in the West. He attended the University at Wittenburg for three years, during which time met a young woman with whom he fell instantly in love with. Soon, they were to be married, and Otto would assume his throne upon the Kingdom of Dornheim. What happened next, is uncertain. Sometime during their return to Dornheim, or shortly there after, Otto’s betrothed was murdered. This utterly undid him, he flew into a rage, and the Queen, fearing him mad kept him under lock and key. After the third month of his imprisonment, Otto escaped. He murdered a nurse, as well several guards. The only surviving member of the unit guarding the Prince could only comment on the utter savagery of the young man: “Like a wolf.” Otto was not heard from again in his native land. Several years later he reappeared in Wolfenburg, and began his “Sacred Quest,” searching for someway to avenge his lost love.

Whylom there was dwelling in my country
An archdeacon, a man of high degree,
That boldly did execution
Or punishing of fornication
Or witchcraft

-- Chaucer, "Friar's Tale," Canterbury Tales