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Nos Celturion


He has taken on three forms, two of which are dark haired humans, the other a forest dwarf.
Placid, at times emotionless. He's been around since the dawn of time, so he fears no death. A killing blow will kill him, but his body regenerates within the next few hours.

He is the other half to Kenan's soul. Upon being lost by Malyk (Who has died though Kenan doesn't know this, another has taken Malyk's name and powers, though Kenan believes the new Malyk to be the original.), the soul-half found its way to the crossroads of all existance seeing as mortal time has no domain in the spirit world. Not being whole, it was unable to venture in either direction from the dimensional crossroads. It was sent back to Earth at the dawn of creation. The soul floated aimlessly until a suitable lifeorm was brought to the earth. Upon this time, it was placed into a newborn, but it's close relation to God evacuated him from the body. After the Earth became more populated, it found its way into the mind of one not at all associated to Heaven or Hell. His new name would be Nostremitus. Originally becoming a mentalist, he was able to use his mind to do great things. He was raised as any other person, living as a mortal until his thirties. This is when he finally realizes that he hadn't aged since his mid-twenties.
He lives for millenia, not knowing why he had come into being. Not knowing anything about himself. Until he decides that the recent turn of power in Caledonia could be something interesting to see. Upon arriving, he meets up with a Celt named Kenan McLeer. Soon after their meeting, Nos faded into nothingness. The soul, now free floating on it's own, found its way to a new-born. This time a forest dwarf. Dying soon after being born, the body takes on it's adult form to accomodate Nos. This time, he lives the life of a duelist. Most of his memories from his past life intact. He knows what he did and why, just not spedific details such as how to perform his mentalist powers. His one meeting with Kenan creates a link between the two soul halves. Now a strong pull in his heart leads him to find Kenan again, just to prove to himself that the pull is to Kenan. His body once again wastes away to nothing as the soul leaves it. The free soul enters the body of a druid as he breaths his last breath of life. The body grows young again to accomodate Nos. The druid had been meditaing in a tree, Nos did not know this. Standing quickly Nos falls from the tree slamming his head against a stone just as his memories begin to resurface. The concussion causes a form of amnesia. Nos believes that his name is Enphreet Hemp, a druid raised by an elvin society of the deep forest. Not knowing anything beyond what the druid knew, he believes that he really is this druid. Frightened by the pull in his heart, he seeks the guidance of a seer who knows everything but refuses to tell Nos the entire story. The seer tells Nos to seek out the source of the pull and that by the time he arrived, that the scotsman would know what to do.
He sat abut his quest on the back of a solid black war unicorn.