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Lupoldus Stahlfalke

Lupoldus Stahlfalke

Lupoldus Stahlfalke was born in Bern Canton, Switzerland, on the 7th of August, 1384. Very little is known about his parents, except that his father was an army captain killed defending the Swiss territories against an attempted incursion by the Empire. ‘Lupus’ as he is called by people who know him, was raised by his grandfather, Colonel Maximilian Stahlfalke. ‘The Colonel’ as everyone knew him, was a commander of one of the Swiss infantry regiments that successfully held off the attack of the Austrian knights, cutting them their horses from under them with their well-drilled pike formations. After the Empire pulled its forces back, the Colonel decided to go back to the country around Bern and raise his grandson. Colonel Stahlfalke had been a huntsman before he joined the army, and he taught Lupoldus everything he knew about how to be an effective ranger. Along with this, he also taught him how to effectively command and rally troops in armed conflict. The Colonel’s hope is that Lupus will be a fitting heir, and an effective officer.

Lupus is 17 years old now, the year in the real world is 1401, and Lupus has accepted command of a mercenary formation known as the Dragoons. The Colonel has sent Lupus through a hidden portal to the world of Amtgard, and now he finds himself in the shire of Murky Hollow, looking for work for his troops.

And of course, more information is forthcoming......