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Lestat de Lioncourt

Lestat De Lioncourt

I am Lestat de Lioncourt I am a Druid, I was trained buy the great druid Magnus who was a Vampire, he thought me the ways of Vampires and how to fight. He made me into a vampire when I was 21 years of age. After he thought me everything that he knew he than he burned himself and left me with his vast fortune. After traveling the known world I came to find that I only found weaker beings than I including other Vampires. One night when I was looking for a victim to feed upon I encountered a Great Healer named Akasha, She drained me of my dark blood and replaced it with human blood, thus I am human again. I still have all the knowledge and some of the advantages that I had when I was a Vampire, which is more then you can imagine. Now I am here in Murky Hollow, where on All Hollows Eve I detected the presence of a vampire, so I set out in hunt of him, I found him for he was hunting me, but as he attacked me I overpowered him and told him my tell and that I could change him back to a human, his name was Vittorio. He is now human. Now I shall describe me. I am a chivalrous man. I do not like undead creatures. I wish to destroy or heal them all. I am a member of the Dragoons, a Troop that is dedicated to the destruction or healing of all evil spirits and undead creatures in existence. I am Skilled in combat with a staff, and somewhat skilled with a Short bow. I prefer to be alone the only exception is the Dragoons because of our mutual goal in existence. But I am kind and trusting towards people until you betray me in any way, then you have made an enemy of me. There is nothing more that is needs to be known of me.