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Kenan McLeer



Kind of a loner, has a hatred for bearers of darkness as he only has half of a soul. He should carry a cleymore named Equinox and a medium round sheild. A Caeltic cross should also be seen around his neck.

As a child half of his soul was stolen by a necromancer hired by the Pictish people of Caledonia named Malyk. Bargaining with this, the Caledonians wanted his uncle, Kenneth mac Alpine, to give to them the Stone of Destiny. Kenneth tried to trick them by trading a false stone for the soul half. Upon returning to camp, Kenan was gone. A letter left in his place.

"You have once again shown your stupidity Celts. Your shortsidedness has doomed this childs soul to hell, and his body to my control."

Kenan was raised by a Pictish family whom he believed to be his parents. He lived with them for 17 years, the gestation period for an enchantment placed on him preparing his body to function without a soul. During this time, Kenan was mentored in the ways of the wall of steel fighting style of the Vikings by Victor Husquvauhnt. A Viking who loved him like his own son. Upon learning of the dark secrets surrounding Kenan's "parents" intentions. Victor allows him to escape the clutches of Malyk by giving his own life in battle to give Kenan time to escape. Equinox was Victors family sword, originally a falchion, but reforged to a Cleymore by Kenan.

Kenan found his way into the Celts who, after testing his loyalties, allowed him to camp and travel with him. This was probably only because he resembled his uncle so closely. Kenneth mac Alpine, as it turned out, had taken over Caledonia by this time. Now king, he had renamed the land "Scotia." One night, after Kenan had walked out of camp, Kenneth approached him carrying a vile of light. Kenneth told him the story of Malyk's theft of half of his soul, and tolf him that it was in the vile. Kenan felt drawn to the vile, the warmth was an addiction. He fealt that he had to be closer to the light. He had to be one with the light. Pulling it closer to him, the light became dark and tainted. It began to consume light rather than release it. An electrical charge sweapt through Kenan's body, sending him into convulsions. He fealt everything slow down as he gnashed his teeth in pain. Looking to where Kenneth had stood, he now saw the cloaked visage of Malyk. The pain was immeasureable as he looked back at his body from the inside of the vile. THe other half of his soul had been removed. Kenan soon found himself falling through immense darkness as his two soul halves met on another plain. Forming together into one, he fell into Hell.

He awoke to extreme, dry heat. His skin cracked and burned as his throat insantaneously took on the properties of sandpaper. Just in front of him he saw a pull of cool water. But whenever he went for a drink it receaded away from him, adding more torment to his pain. He existed like this for millenia until he once again fealt himself being ripped apart. Ascending back to his body, he awoke standing in the middle of his camp. His Celtic companions all lying dead around him. All, save Kenneth who in a last ditch effort through the true vile containing half of his soul at him. This is what brought him from hell. Malyk now possessing the other half he had stolen. Only 2 hours had passed on Earth in comparison to the millenia spent in Hell, as mortal concepts such as the speed at which time flows has no effect on the supernatural.

Now, having fealt the joy of a full soul, and the torment of hell, he feared little in battle. Ge faught his way through the ranks of the Scotish military until he found the title of Second the the General of the East. He helped command the force protecting Scotia from a Viking invasion, and from Caledonian militias still gavering numbers in the forests.

In a great battle with tha miltia group, Kenan was gravely injured. But as luck would have it a naive Forest Elf Healer happened upon them. Never seeing anything of war, she was heartbroken by the site. She quickly healed the first person she saw in order to get a better idea of why such a thing could happen. She happened to heal Kenan. She called herself Daliara, he explained his story so that she too could see how evil the Picts could be. They soon became friends, and later lovers. Until a battle with tha Picts ended in failure. Kenan was recognized by one of the officers close to their plans for him. Taken hostage, he was forced to watch as the Picts ravaged his love repeatedly before killing her. His rage grew, and grew. Until he could no longer contain it, but still it grew. Ever watchful, he waited 7 long months for a chance to escape. He found this in a Viking raid. Ceasing the moment, he snapped a guards neck and cut his bindings with the dead man's boot dirk. He made his way through the camp, hunting those who had done his love's chastity wrong. Looking each of them in the eye so that they could KNOW who was killing them and why. The Vikings, watches as he went through one after the other with sheer determination. After the battle they approached him. Offering a place among them. Having nothing better to go about doing, and not knowing where he was, he accepted on the grounds that he would never be with them on an attack against his own people. He traveled with these Vikings until he came upon leads to the whereabouts of Malyk. Leaving them on his quest, he soon findes himself on his way to a land called Murky Hollow. Soon a comes across a strange metalist whom he feels a strange connection to, but before he could look into this, the mentalist vanished into thin air. Later, after meeting up with a barbarian group called the Tanoki Tribe, he once again found the trail of Malyk. Leaving his tribesman with good intentions, he became a mercenary for hire. Searching for any sign of Malyk. Have fruitless journeys, he returns to the Tanoki Empty handed. The pull of his very soul connected to the mentalist still painfully gnawing at his heart. Hereinf of a problem with dragons, Kenan offers his help in vanquishing them. During this trek, a dwarven duelist leaps from the forest. The person he recongnizes as being the human mentalist he had seen before, though his eyes tell him otherwise. The dwarf looked up and announced that his name was Nos, and that he was the mentalist from before and that he had to know that it was this Scot named Kenan that he had a connection to. Soon afterward, the Duelist vanishes as descreatly as he had before in his mentalist form.
Now even more flustered about his destiny, he waits patiently for any sign of Malyk's trail. He WIL find his fate.