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Isabella Nym Feffer

Isabella Nym Feffer
deep auborn curly not frizzy hair pulled back in to a big braid. When down falls right below her sholderblades.
green eyes
fair skin with a few freckles upon the ridge of nose and cheek line just dark enought to notice but not stand out.
Wears a plane green tunic with a ren shirt and black pants underneth a belt with sheethed sword and flail attached to it and a nother sword in a sheeth slung across her back. There is an eating dirk stick in her belt. She has a full set of leather armor for when in battle.
She rides a full white steed.
She is friendly but not one to mess with or get on the bad side of.
She has had an elegant upbringing so she caries herself with much grace but does not look upon outhers as if they are lower then her.
She looks as if she is verry fragle but in battle she louses the fragilness for a cat like speed agility and viciouisness.
She is verry heastrong which proves for the undoing of her in some incidences but has served her well in the past, for if she wasnt headstrong she would not be here at all.

Born Jun 5th 1157 in Ireland to Christopher and Erina Feffer. A English royal family residing in Ireland for Erinas Family was all Irish and Christophers was all English. They and Isabellas older brother Gregory died in a fire when she was 7 and so she was sent with her sister to live with her uncle Fredrik and aunt Cordelia. She had a happy child hood growing up with Cordelia's twins, Fortinbrass and Maria, and her sister Rosaline. Their house was attacked by a Sorrcoress by the name of Archmage Glenda. The childern along with cordilas 6 month old babe Julia were taken to an old lady named Margaret. Isabella then set off to aveng the death of the my family. Upon this quest i learn that the sorrcoress is also looking for me and that she followed me to cordelias and killed them and killed my mom and dad for they had not taught me in the ways of sorrcorey in the right ammount of time. On my quest i came upon and joined the famed tribe tanoki and with tanoki have stumbled upon murky hollow.

                                     -Isabella Nym Feffer