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Gunther the Vehement

Gunther the Vehement's Persona
(Itís dark outside, about 2300. Gunther and his Page are sitting around a fire that has been made at the Tanoki campsite. Gunther is sitting on a rock, poking the fire. The Page is sitting across from Gunther, leaned forward, also sitting on a rock)

Page: Gunther?

Gunther: Yes.

Page: I was thinking the other day, that, that if I were to one day become like you, I would need to know about where you came from. And I was wondering if you could tell me where you came from.

Gunther: You donít need to know Page. Go get me some wood.

Page: (complains) I just got wood! Címon tell me where you came from.

Gunther: (glares at Page) You want to know do you? I come from Darmstadt, Germany. I lived there while I was young. (pauses) You see there was this marketplace that my father worked at. He had his own cart. It was a pretty big one with many different items. My mother would place out what see sewed that week, and my father would place out whatever he could get his hands on. I wasnít to keen on him stealing and then selling it, but what could I do about it, I was but a boy.

Page: Your father ever get caught?

Gunther: I wish. There was one time where he almost did. He out ran the person coming after him, and placed the item on me. Then he slowed down and insisted that I took it, and I should be punished. He gave me up so he could live on! That coward couldnít take what he deserved. Turns out what he stole was something from an officer down in the marketplace. I was thrown in jail instead of having my hand cut off. Father didn't want to put up with me I guess.
Page: (sarcasticly) Your father cared for you. How long were you there?

Gunther: One year. I was tortured everyday, and was beaten for nothing. I was hardly ever fed. (fire starts to go out) I had to make due on what was around me.

Page: How did you get out?

Gunther: Escaped. (pokes the cinders) I had been thinking about this the whole time I had been there. I had been working with this rat spine to go through the metal lock on my arm. I worked equally on both locks till one day they came off. I would slip them off and go up to the bars and work on them for awhile, then slip the cuffs back on and sit. I went through so many rat bones, the guard got curious and asked me about it. I didnít know what to say, so I broke the cuffs off and stabbed him in the throat with a rat spine. I then grabbed his secondary weapon, a dagger, and stabbed him right in the heart. I took off his garb and wore it out of the cell. I went with great haste till I got out and I ran till I ran out of breath.
Page: Why wasnít he able to kill you right away?

Gunther: He tried to swing but he couldnít swing hard cause I was so close to him and his weapon was long. You will learn how to use weapons properly later, now come with me, Iím going to get some wood.

(Both get up and walk to the wood pile)

Page: What happened after you ran?

Gunther: Well, as I told you, I ran till I could run no more. When I could run no more was when I saw a group of savages who looked battle worn and tiresome just like me. (hits the log and it instantly gets cut in two, hands the wood to Page) I went up to them and watched. I tried to talk to them but none of them spoke. I asked again, and the biggest one said they are just moving along, not belonging to any city or nation. Just traveling. (cuts more, Page is overwhelmed, Gunther chuckles) He said he was the leader, his name was Ugh, and I was welcome to join them. I decided I should join them, having nothing to go back to except prison or family that no one should belong to.

Page: This was the Tribe wasnít it? I bet it was!

Gunther: Yes it was, but this wasnít what you see before you. All the people here werenít here when I joined. This is enough wood. Letís go back.

Page: What happened to them all?

(Place firewood down near the fire. Gunther places some in before sitting back down on the rock)

Gunther: Battle killed them all. We were camped out and we all went to go get food, and we came back and everything was stolen or destroyed. We went out to find out what happened, and it turned out a king was battling his people and they killed all of our belongingís. We went out to tell him about what he did, to try and get our things back, but he sent his warriorís out to kill us. We fought many battles, and the only Tanoki left alive were Ugh and myself. We ran for the hills, and started our travel again. One day we felt in danger again, and we went in different directions. I have never seen Ugh since.

Page: Have you tried to find him?

Gunther: I donít want to find him. I want to remember how he was when I left his side. He was jovile, always ready to help you out. I never got to show him the appreciation he deserves. I miss him, but I donít want to find him.

Page: Oh.