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Bridie O'Cleirigh

Bridie O'Cleirigh
Woods Elf
Brown wavey hair with dark green Streeks.
Bright green eyes with brown and silver specks.
Elven ears.
Light coplextion.
Looks about 18 but i dont know how old that would be in elven years.

Wears a green tunic with brown and silver lineing gathured together with a black belt. Inder neath a white renshirt with sleves gatherd together in brown leather ven braces. Ven braces have a vine pattern carved in to them. She wears loose black pants that tuck in to black boots. When in battle she wears a full set of leather armor over her garb. Attached to her belt are two sheths of brown leather with the same vine carvings and two esqisit short swords incased in them. The swords have green ribbons tied around there handles and the swords are of the best materials and an elven design. They glisten in the light when taken out. She also caries a staff about 6 ft in length maid from a verry nice piece of cherry wood. It also has the vine pattern carved so its swirling around and engulfing the staff. The staff has a few green and silver ribbons tied to the top of it. Also tucked in to her belt are two daggars and a small eating dagger. There is a pouch that is also attached to the belt with herbs and outher stuff in it it is of a strong black cloth and has an ainchent symbal embroydered on. There is freng from the bottom of the pouch. There is a nother small blue pouch with money in it.

She looks war lorn. She has spent many years traviling from woods to woods and living in the trees. She knows some elven magic she has lerned over the year and is a healer. She caries a wood flute made years before she was born. This she uses in some of her encarnations but never for show. She is a loner and preffers spending her time alone in a nice forest.

There is little known of her background she grew up in a woods a far way away and set out on her own to explore the lands in serch of a large wood lands to call her own.