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Brother Amadeus

Old Basil: Try harder, you lazy youngster!

Amadeus: But Sir Basil, I'm trying as hard as I can... ahhhh... that hurt!

Basil: You will never become a Knight at this rate. You need to learn to dodge quicker! Now, pack up our things Amadeus, we leave for Elandor at the first light of dawn.

Amadeus: But my arm hurts...

Basil: Then fix it while you work.

Training to become a knight. A dream I've had since as early as I could remember, but never good enough for Duke Basil of Tyrus. I was but twelve winters then, and if I could survive the duke for a few more I could become a knight! I could not wait! That dream, the very center of my entire life, it seemed, was disrupted in the morn. Attacked, we were, from all sides by men wearing the darkest black. Sir Basil held them off while screaming "flee, boy!" I was stunned, I couldn't react. Somehow, I managed to escape, but alas, Sir Basil, my mentor, was murdered in cold blood.

I managed to find a monestary nearby were the monks were kind enough to let a poor boy stay. Upon hearing my tale, they offered me a place with them, and there I stayed. I furthered my fighting art there, while learning to be one in body, mind, and soul. Five winters I stayed, but the dream, knighthood, beconed me forward.

Wandering, wandering wherever my heart desired, I stumble upon Murky Hollow. More importantly, a band of warriors known as the Dragoons offer me a place as a brother. And there, I currently reside, waiting for the my time of glory when I, Brother Amadeus, faithful servant of the most high Emperor, rightfully becomes a knight.

-from "A Tale of Amadeus"

"The Emperor knows, the Emperor is watching."