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Member Personas

You wanna know why Gunther is an Insane Barbarian?  Want to learn more about Lestat, or other members of our Shire?  You have come to the right place then!  Here, you will find information about someone's background.  You can also find various Out-of-Character information such as Orders earned, current points in various classes, and any information the player wishes to make available.

Experience Points

View the experience points earned by members of our shire

Brother Amadeus

Bridie O'Cleirigh

Gunther the Vehement

Isabella Nym Feffer

Kenan McLeer

Lupoldus Stahlfalke

Matthias of the Westbarrow Hills

Nos Celturion

Otto Ekelhaft


Vicinity Fearacross Visoar

Vittorio di Raniari