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  • Banshee
  • Dread Knight
  • Ghost
  • Ghoul
  • Lich
  • Mummy
  • Nosferatu
  • Poltergeist
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Spectre
  • Vampire
  • Wraith
  • Zombie

  • Note

    All undead creatures are immune to the following unless otherwise noted: Charm, Subdual blows, Stun Arrow, Stun Weapon, Sleep, Mass Sleep, Poison, Touch of Death, Curse, Mutual Destruction, Finger of Death, Doomsday, and class abilities that steal lives.
    Any Undead creature that is successfully Banished or Turned, as per Healer or Monk, three times in one life loses that life. Undead are NOT immune to their own magics.


    (BL: Naes/Argon) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 4:1 Armour: None. Attacks: Single dagger. Abilities: 1) Teleport (3/life) as per wizard. Represents the ability to become noncorpreal at will. 2) Fear (2/life) as per wraith. 3) Finger of Death (1/life) as per druid. 4) Immune to non-magical weapons. 5) Immune to charm, control, and stun. 6) Doomsday (1/life) as per wizard, but only requires a count up to 150. 7) Touch of Death (1/life) as per wizard. Vulnerabilities: 1) Banish or Dispel magic will kill a Banshee. Garb: Soiled and torn finery. Description: An undead elven female, whose hatred of life is so great, it sustains her even after death. The banshee cries out her hatred in a voice so terrible it can kill. Usually appears as a female in rotted robes of once fine fashioning. Lives: 2 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd Fear (3/life) 3rd No additional abilities. 4th Finger of Death (2/life). 5th Touch of Death (2/life). 6th Doomsday (2/life).

    Dread Knight

    (BL: Terarin) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 6:1 (QUEST) Armour: 2 points natural. Up to 4 points more may be worn. May use Shields. Attacks: Any melee weapon, and javelins. Abilities: 1) All swords only inflict 1 point of damage to a Dread Knight. (red, normal,enchanted,etc.) 2) Immune to all forms of magic, magic weapons do normal damage. 3) Following spells (1/life) Heat Weapon and Pyrotechnics (as per Wizard)Sleep and Stun (as per Healer)Finger of Death (as per Druid) Reanimate into Zombie (as per Wizard) 4) Scare (1/life), as per Wraith. 5) Paralyzation (as a subdual blow) on touch, with usage depending on level. Must say Paralyze."x1 before striking, blow will inflict no damage. 6) Honour Duel (2/life). Garb: Armour and a skull mask. Description: Dread Knights are the spirits of heros who committed an immensely evil act, and thus were executed, only to be brought back as undead knights who will walk the earth forever, despairing of their weakness. They appear to have been noble people, by their build, and clothing, but all that can now be seen is their ghostlike skeletons, wearing ornate armour, and with deepest glowing red eyes staring from beneath their helms. They posses some magic s, but prefer to slay their foes in melee combat, rather then by a spell. These beings may ONLY be played in special scenarios, and it is preferred that only those having already achieved Knighthood play these creatures. Lives: 1 Levels: None.


    (BL: Terarin) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 3:1 (QUEST) Armour: Special. See ability #2. Attacks: By spell only. Abilities: 1) Ghosts have the following spells: Forcewall (unlimited) as per Wizard, may have up to two in existence at once. Extinguish (5/life) by saying Extinguish."x5 all fires, spellballs, and flames within 50 feet are put out. Sleep as per healer. Note: a ghost can only cast a total of 4 sleep spells against any team, per game. Dispel Magic as per wizard. Usage by levels. 2) A Ghost is immune to physical attacks, except when casting a spell. When casting, they can be affected by magic, and enchanted weapons. Garb: White sheet. Description: Hopelessly wandering the earth, these creatures are the life force of a restless dead being. They are most of the time incorporeal, and cannot be harmed in such a state. They are occasionally tied to an area, but usually are independent. They are pranksters, and dangerous only when provoked. Lives:3 Levels: 1st Dispel Magic (2/life) 2nd No additional abilities. 3rd No additional abilities. 4th Dispel Magic (3/life) 5th No additional abilities. 6th Dispel Magic (unlimited).


    (BL: Terarin) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: 1 point. Attacks: 2 Short swords as claws. Or if a person is reanimated" into a ghoul, then they will attack with whatever weapons they had on them. Abilities: 1) Paralyzation (as a subdual blow) on touch, with usage depending on level. Must say Paralyze"x1 before striking, blow will inflict no damage. Paralyzation is through the touch of a hand. 2) Anyone slain by a ghoul, will become one for their next life. 3) Immune to sleep, charm, and yield spells. Garb: Torn and tattered clothing. Gory make-up. Description: These are undead creatures, roaming graveyards for carrion and unlucky travelers. They are cunning, but mindless. They feed on human corpses to sustain their lives." The only fear they have is that of holiness. Lives:3 Levels: 1st Paralyzation (2/life) 2nd No additional abilities. 3rd Paralyzation (3/life) 4th No additional abilities. 5th Paralyzation (5/life) 6th No additional abilities.


    (BL: Aramithris and Tawnee) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 3:1 Armour: None Attacks: Spells, and weapons bought from spell points (as a 6th level Wizard). Abilities: 1) As per an Archmage (sixth level Wizard) and gain all undead abilities. Vulnerabilities: 1) Liches, although they started as Wizards, are considered Undead when playing Lich, and are therefore affected by spells that turn the Undead, as well as by the Banish spell. Garb: The rags of once great wizard garb. Description: Liches are not a normal monster class, but are worth mentioning. To play a lich, a person must be a 6th level Wizard, and have bought the spell called Lich. They are, however, still a monster that should be noted. They are actually a corpse of a powerful Archmage that has been reanimated by the Archmage's spirit, thus giving it an undead status. They are always very cunning, extremely intelligent, and disgusting to be near. Their attitudes depend on the Wizard him(her)self. Lives: As per the Lich enchantment (6th level Wizard spell). Levels: Special (see above.)


    (BL: Morbid) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 3:1 Armour: 2 points natural armour. Attacks: Single short weapon, and touch of hand. Abilities: 1) Touch of Death (as per assassin ability) , with unlimited usage. Note: No casting time is necessary, may not be extended through sword. 2) Mummies are immune to all piercing attacks, as well as arrows. 3) Mummies are immune to all magics, with the exception of Fire and Lightning spells. 4) Additional abilities at higher levels. Vulnerabilities: 1) Fire and Lightning spells have full effect. Garb: Wrapped in bandages. Description: Mummies are undead creatures that are the corpses of humanoids, wrapped in bandages, and filled with preserving fluids, they are usually associated with a curse. If something concerning the mummy has been desecrated, the mummy may come back to life to kill the guilty party. Other times, it is merely a spirit that has inhabited a body to wreak havoc on the locals. They are quite mindless, and will destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd Short Sword is considered RED weapon. 3rd No additional abilities. 4th 1 additional point armour (3 total) 5th Scare Ability, as per wraith. (2/life) 6th May heal itself as it rejoins the fragments of it s body (2/life).


    (BL: Naes) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 4:1 (QUEST) Armour: 1 point. Attacks: Short swords, and or daggers only. Abilities: 1) Yield spell, as per wizard, 50 range. Usage per levels. 2) Teleport, as per wizard. Simulates ability of vampire to turn gaseous in form. Uses per levels. 3) Nosferatu are immune to all non-magical attacks, with the exception of wooden stabbing weapons (ie. arrows and javelins) Note: Enchantments put on a weapon make that weapon magical for the purpose of affecting a vampire. 4) Nosferatu regenerate lost limbs in a 50 count. 5) Only fire, arrows, or other wooden stabbing weapons will kill a Nosferatu. Killing blows with a magical weapon will cause a Nosferatu to turn to gaseous form, and return to its lair (or home base) for a 150 count. This does not use its teleporting abilities, but is merely an escape mechanism. For the mechanics of game play, Lightning spells count as fire. 6) Nosferatu are immune to the following spells: Yield, Touch of Death, Lost, Sleep, Confusion, Feeblemind, Fear, and all Bardic magics. Nosferatu are immune to the following abilities: Touch of Death,Vibrating Palm, and Poison. Note: Petrify and Flesh to Stone will turn a Nosferatu into gaseous form (see #5) 7) A Nosferatu may not be Resurrected, Healed, Reanimated, Transformed, or Reincarnated. Summon Dead will bring a dead vampire back to life, as if it were a resurrect spell. 8) Affected by Healer and Monk abilities as per the AMGTARD: Handbook on the Rules of Play. 9) A Nosferatu may never be subdued. 10) Any weapon wielded by a Nosferatu does 2 points of damage to armour, as though Warrior Improved Weapon. 11) Anyone killed by a Nosferatu 3 times in one game, will become a Nosferatu for the remainder of their lives, under the control of the original Nosferatu. The Nosferatu must have black headbands, and additional copies of the Nosferatu class to give to the new Nosferatu. Garb: Black garb. Description: These are foul undead beings who are forced to drink the blood of the living in order to survive. They are fearsome, vicious creatures, who roam the night and are always notable by their large canines and tendency toward dark clothing. They are weakened by direct exposure to sunlight, and are usually found in graveyards, haunted keeps, and other unseemly places, from which they hunt. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st Yield (1/life). 2nd Teleport (1/life). 3rd Yield (2/life). 4th No additional abilities. 5th No additional abilities. 6th Teleport (2/life).


    (BL: Chesire) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 3:1 Armour: None initially. Attacks: Single short sword, and spells. Abilities: 1) Touch of Death, as per the Assassin ability (3/life). 2) Spell of Wounding (as per the Healer ability) 2/life. 3) Teleport, as per the Wizard enchantment, does not have to declare a designation (3/life). 4) Immune to Hold Person spells (Hold Person, Entangle, Ice ball, etc.) Vulnerabilities: 1) Poltergeists are Undead, and are affected by Turn Undead and Banish spells. 2) If Banished three times in one life, they are considered "Exorcised" and die from game. Garb: Tie-dyed robes. Description: Poltergeists are similar in background to Ghosts, but are the spirits of violent persons, whose lust for blood could not be quenched in the after life. Poltergeists are, plain and simply put, evil in one of its purest forms, and should be avoided whenever possible. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd 1 point of natural armour. Spell of Wounding becomes 2/life. 3rd Spell of Wounding becomes 3/life. 4th No additional abilities. 5th Any creature killed twice by a Poltergeist becomes a Poltergeist under its control. 6th Possession, Cast by saying "I possess your body and soul"x5, range 20 ft. This spell is considered to be a Charm type magic. They person affected becomes the slave of the Poltergeist and must obey all its "reasonable" commands for the duration of that victim's life. The Poltergeist is considered to be in the victim, and cannot be touched until the victim is killed, or until a Heal or Resurrect is cast on the victim. The Poltergeist, if either of the above spells is cast, appears within 20 ft. of the victim (within a 10 count). When a victim is killed, the Poltergeist does not lose a life. A Poltergeist may use all of its abilities wile possesing.


    (BL: Rakasta) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 4:1 Armour: May wear up to two points initially. Attacks: Weapons as per Warrior of same level, except no projectiles. Abilities: 1) Any damage past armour kills it (ie. one shot deaths). 2) Immune to all verbal death and mind effect magics. 3) Come back to life in 100 count without loss of life. 4) Regenerate wounds in 50 count. 5) Lightning Bolt acts as Iceball due to bones fusing. Vulnerabilities: 1) Crushing attacks, such as those by a mace, cause double damage. 2) Resurrect turns a Skeleton into a Warrior of the same level. 3) Does not resurrect from flame spells or Sphere of Annihilation. Garb: Skull mask and bones. Description: Animated undead pile of bones. Lives: 1 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd May wear an additional point of armour. 3rd One additional life, for a total of two. 4th May wear an additional point of armour, maximum 4 points. 5th May use a javelin. 6th One additional life, for a total of three.

    Skeleton Warrior

    (MS: Malice) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 5:1 (QUEST) Armour: 1 point. Additional as per warrior. Maximum 6 points. Attacks: As per warrior class. Abilities: 1) Control Circlet, possessor of the circlet may control the Skeleton Warrior. The controller must have the circlet on their head to control the Skeleton Warrior. If nobody has the circlet on their head, the Skeleton Warrior has a free will. If the Circlet goes more then 200 from the Skeleton Warrior, or the Skeleton is out of sight of the Circlet, then control is lost. When control of the Skeleton is lost, the warrior heads directly for the former controller, killing anyone in it s path. It will not stop until that person is dead, or someone else controls the Skeleton. 2) Immune to Death magic, sleep, charm and control magic, hold person, flame and lightning, and stun. 3) Death for a Skeleton Warrior is only a 100 count. Then he re-assembles himself and his equipment, and continues. This does not count as a death, and will heal him completely, as well as mend all his armour. 4) If the Circlet is placed on the Skeleton Warriors own head, he will disappear into dust. This is the ONLY way to truly kill the Skeleton Warrior. Garb: Skull mask and bones. Description: Formerly powerful fighters, skeleton warriors are undead lords forced into their nightmarish states by powerful wizards who trapped their souls in golden circlets. The sole reason that skeleton warriors remain on this plane is to search for and recover the circlets that contain their souls. Lives:1 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd Piercing weapons do no damage. Note: Piercing weapons still effect armour worn. 3rd Improve Weapon (1/life) Same as warrior class ability. 4th No additional abilities. 5th Touch of Death (1/life) As per Assassin ability. 6th Gains a natural Immunity to Magic. This is non-magical in nature.


    (BL: Rakasta) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: None Attacks: Spells only (see below.) Abilities: 1) Consume Soul, Invoke by saying, "I swallow your soul."x5, while touching a dead victim. Victim loses one life while Spectre gains one life. May be used once per life. 2) Spectres have the following spells: a) Force Wall unlimitedly, but no more than two may be active at one time. b) Extinguish, Invoked by chanting, "Extinguish"x5. Any type of fire (except Sword of Flame), including lightning bolts, are extinguished. c) Sleep spell. Only four spells per group in quests. d) Dispel Magic. 3) A Spectre is immune to all physical attacks, except when casting a spell. When casting a spell, only magic or an enchanted weapon will harm a Spectre. 4) Touch of Death (2/life). Garb: Black sheet. Description: Spectres are very malicious and evil Ghosts with one frightening difference, they may prey upon the very soul of the dead. Lives: 1 Levels: 1st Dispel Magic (2/life). 2nd Extinguish (1/life). 3rd Extinguish (2/life). 4th Dispel Magic (3/life). 5th Sleep spell (1/life), as per Healer. 6th Dispel Magic (4/life). Notes: For the sake of game balance, a Spectre may never take more than 2 lives from any one person with the Consume Soul spell for itself. However, the victim will still loose a life and have their spirit severed. Thus a Spectre has a maximum of three lives.


    (BL: RAN) Type: Undead Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: None Attacks: By Class Abilities: 1) Abilities as per a normal Amtgard class and level. Vampires are master infiltrators. 2) May not be harmed by any means other than fire/lightning attacks or by thrust/stab weapons (normal or enchanted). 3) Steal Life, as per the Anti-Paladin ability, once per life. 4) Optional: Anyone killed by a vampire and robbed of a life by the same will become a vampire under the control of the original vampire. Garb: White make-up with a black arm-band. Description: Vampires are the ultimate form of parasite. They sustain their undead immortality with the blood of the living. Provided with regular 'meals' a vampire could live virtually forever. Lives: 1 Levels: By Class


    (BL: Terarin) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 3:1 Armour: 2 points, up to 4 additional points may be worn. Attacks: Swords only, as per warrior. Abilities: 1) Wounding, as per Wizard. (1/life) 2) Scare, must say I make thee afraid"x3, range 20ft. This will make the person afraid of the wraith for a 1000 count. They may not attack the wraith during this time, and will tend to stay away from it(1/life) 3) Teleport, as per Wizard(1/life) 4) Sever Spirit, as per Healer(1/life) 5) Immune to all sleep and control spells. 6) Other abilities gained at higher levels. Vulnerabilities: 1) A Banish spell will disrupt a Wraith s energies, resulting in its death. Garb: Black robes. Description: These vile beings are a form of undead hailing from the Negative plane of existence. They are destructive, and live for the terror they cause their victims. Wraiths appear as dark, shadow like humanoids, or as black mists. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd Gains immunity to Hold Person. Sever Spirit (2/Game). 3rd Heat Weapon, as per Healer(1/life). 4th Sever Spirit (1/life). 5th Scare (2/life). 6th Gains an immunity to all death magics, and a Note: Wraith is now capable of draining a person's level, once per life. Anyone this ability is used upon is reduced by one level for the rest of that victim s life, and all abilities and/or spells are reduced to that lower level. This ability is done through the touch of the wraith, and must be announced to all possible victims, due to the cold and threatening aura that surrounds the wraith.


    (BL: Nashomi) Type: Undead Creature Q/M Ratio 8:1 (QUEST/Special Scenario) Armour: None. Attacks: Any melee weapon. Abilities: 1) Zombies carry a mystical virus which turns anyone killed by a zombie into a zombie, themselves. 2) A zombie s death time is only a 100 count without loss of life. 3) A zombie regenerates lost limbs in a 50 count. Vulnerabilities: 1) Any fire or lightning based spell will instantly kill a zombie. Also, Cure Disease spell will turn an animated corpse back into a human being. Afterwards, however,that person may have cravings for raw red meat, and brain matter. Garb: Rags and the more gore the better. Description: Foul unfortunate creatures that are doomed to wander the earth as undead. They are corpses who have been doomed to ever roam in search of brains to eat. There seem to be two types: the cursed ones, who know no more then the lust for blood and the need to wander, and those who were raised by an evil spell of some sort, and now exist only as animated corpses. Lives: Unlimited. Levels: None.

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    by Sir Ivar Nefarious
    Copyright: 1986-2000
    by Amtgard, Kingdom of the Burning Lands
    The 7th edition, being an update of the 6th edition monster rules
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