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Standard Creatures

  • Catperson
  • Centaur
  • Corrosion Beast
  • Deadly Slime
  • Deep Dwellers
  • Entangling Mass
  • Giant
  • Giant, Hill
  • Giant, Frost
  • Giant, Fire
  • Giant, Titan
  • Goblin
  • Griffon
  • Harpy
  • Kraken
  • Lizardman
  • Manticore
  • Minotaur
  • Orc
  • Pegasus
  • Plaguer
  • Scalor
  • Spider, Giant
  • Stormraven
  • Troglodyte
  • Wyvern
  • Yeti
  • Note

    Unless otherwise noted, all standard creature abilities are non-magical in nature. Because these creatures are non- magical in nature, their powers cannot be negated by the use of magic.


    (BL: Terarin) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 1:1 Armour: Up to 3 points. Attacks: Two Short swords, as claws, or a single long sword and flail. Abilities: 1) Tracking (1/life), as per scout ability. 2) Stealth (1/game). Say "Sneak"x5 to activate and must continually chant it to keep ability active. Stealth works as per Monk Sanctuary. May not use on a base or with game items, and is negated if Catperson has weapon in hand. Garb: Various leopard prints and lots of fur. Description: Catpeople are a race of feline humanoids. They are normally very refined in the field they specialize in, be it arts or waror matters of sciences. Catpersons have great pride in what they do. They bear resemblance to many of the great cats such as lions and tigers. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd Immune to all charm spells. 3rd Stealth (2/game). 4th Immune to Sleep and Lost spells. 5th Can cast Sleep (1/life) as per healer. 6th Stealth (3/game).


    (BL: Naes) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: Up to 4 points may be worn, may use any shields. Attacks: Any melee weapon and bows. Abilities: 1) Bow skills equal to archer of equal level, as summarized below. 2) Tracking (1/life) as per scout ability. 3) May carry 2 enchantments, (2/game) 4) Due to mobility of Centaurs horse half, leg wounds are far less effective. A) 1st leg wound has no effect. B) 2nd leg wound counts as normal, wounds leg. Other limb wounds will kill. Garb: It's easy to do the human part but the rest will need a great imagination. Description: These creatures are a half-horse, half humanoid race. rumored to have been created by a senile old wizard, unaware of his actions. Centaurs are usually neutral, and are fierce defenders of their homes, especially against uninvited guests. Lives: 4 Levels: 1st Repair Bow (1/life) as per Archer ability. 2nd 1 Stun Arrow, 1 Flame Arrow, both reusable, as per Archer. 3rd Plus 1 point damage with all arrows. 4th 1 Armour Piercing Arrow (reusable) as per Archer. 5th Tracking (1/life) as per Scout. 6th Penetration Arrow (reusable) as per Archer.

    Corrosion Beast

    (BL: Chesire) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 1:1 Armour: 2 Points Attacks: 2 Short swords Abilities: 1) Corrosion (5/Life), as per Druid Shatter. Activated by saying "I rust that [metal item]" x2. Range is 20 feet. 2) Tunnelling (1/Life, as per Wizard Teleport) 3) Immunity to Petrification Garb: A rust-colored tunic and hood. Description: This pudgy little creature is arguably one of the most troublesome and annoying beasts to have to fight. Ever hungry for the taste of metal, it will follow those who have it to the ends of the earth if need be, retreating only if severely beaten. Ungainly on its feet, it is amazingly fast as a digger and thus able to get into most secure areas... Lives: 3 Levels: None

    Deadly Slime

    (DS: Labrynth) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 5:1 (QUEST) Armour: None Attacks: Two flails, as natural weapons, also count as Warrior Improved Weapons. Abilities: 1) Deadly Slime are very unique creatures from a biological standpoint. Not having any permanent limbs or organs the are very difficult to damage or hinder. As such, puddings may absorb four hits from weapons that can damage them, be they blue, red, or even white weapons. These hits may be to any location. Limb hits count towards the total, but do not hinder the pudding in any way. Only once the last hit has been inflicted does the pudding die. 2) Being simple, mindless, amorphous creatures. Deadly Slimes are unaffected by all spells baneful or beneficial, except: Iceball, Magic Bolt, and Sphere of Annihilation. The various weapon enchantments have a limited use against them (see weapon immunity below). Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Call Lightning, Finger of Death, Doomsday, Curse, and Mutual Destruction will inflict one hit each on a pudding. They cannot be subdued, and are not affected by the Trap abilities of Assassins or Scouts. 3) Weapon Resistance: With a few exceptions, normal weapons do not harm puddings. Any weapon with any kind of enchantment on it will inflict 1 hit on the pudding, regardless of the type of enchantment or the normal damage inflicted by the weapon. Also, weapons wielded by berserk barbarians will inflict 1 hit of damage (they're flailing so hard that they scatter pudding to the four winds), as will fire arrow and a Warrior's Improve Weapon (fighters with this ability are assumed to have the wherewithal to stab the critter's vulnerable nucleus). White weapons (giant boulders etc.) inflict one hit on puddings. 4) Immune to Poison. Garb: Make a costume as amorphous looking as possible. One good idea is to make the costume the same color as your weapons so the they blend together. Given the amoebic nature of the creature in question paisleys might not be a bad idea (for once). For the particularly facetious a large baldric with the word "Jell-O"(tm) written on it might do the trick.Description: Deadly Slimes are amorphous, ameoboid creatures generally considered more terrifying for their lack of form than for shape they could possibly have. They range in size from only one foot to over five feet in diameter, in color from chalk white to jet black, and in translucency from opaque to very nearly transparent. Very primitive creatures, deadly puddings have no mind to speak of, existing only to eat and reproduce, which they do by means of fission. Puddings move by means of undulation and locate their prey by sensing the vibrations of their footsteps. Despite the awesome danger these creatures represent, brave (foolhardy) dungeoneers often seek them out for the undigested treasure their bodies are thought to contain. Lives: 2 Levels: None.

    Deep Dwellers

    (MS: Malice) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 4:1 Armour: May wear up to 3 points. Attacks: Any melee weapon and short bow.. Abilities: 1) All weapons used by Deep Dwellers are considered Hardened, as per the Healer enchantment. 2) Immune to charm and control magic s. Garb: Black make-up, a white wig, and black and silver combat garb. Description: They once were an evil brotherhood, who were driven from the Elven cities due to their worship of evil deities and gods; The Deep Dwellers take great pleasure in the destruction of anything good or bright. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st 1 Flame Arrow (reusable) 2nd Poison Weapon (1/life). 3rd May use a small shield. 4th 1 Armour Piercing Arrow (reusable). Touch of Death (2/life) as per Assassin. 5th All weapons are considered Poisoned. 6th 5 points of Wizard magic, up to third level.

    Entangling Mass

    (BL: Naes/Argon) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 3:1 Armour: 1 point. Attacks: 2 Short swords, considered to be Red weapons. Abilities: 1) Immune to Fireball and Iceball spells. 2) May regenerate limbs after a 50 count, and lighting acts as an instant Heal spell, healing all lost limbs. 3) Entangle as per druid, 2 bolts, with unlimited usage. Note: May have a maximum of two people entangled at any time. Garb: A mass of shredded cloth. Description: These creatures are heaps of rotting vegetable matter, but despite appearances, are actually an intelligent form of life. An Entangling Mass is normally from six to nine feet in height, and has a girth of about Six feet, and two feet at the summit. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd No additional abilities. 3rd May carry as many entangle bolts as the monster can carry, within reason. 4th 1 additional point of armour. (2 total) 5th No additional abilities. 6th Can regenerate 1 point of armour every 300 count.


    (BL: RAN) Type: Standard Creature Armour: By type. Attacks: Any melee (count as Red due to strength). Abilities: Giants come in 4 basic types:

    Hill Giant

    (Q/M Ratio 3:1) a) 2 points of natural armour. b) May wear up to 2 Points of additional armour. c) May hurl a boulder (as per Barbarian) as a White Siege Weapon (1/life) or a single reusable boulder as a Red weapon.

    Frost Giant

    (Q/M Ratio 4:1) a) 3 points natural armour. b) May wear up to 3 Points of additional armour. c) Immune to Iceball and other cold-based attacks. d) May carry one reusable Iceball.

    Fire Giant

    (Q/M Ratio 6:1) a) 3 points natural armour. b) May wear up to 4 points of additional armour. c) Immune to all heat-based attacks. d) May carry one reusable Fireball .


    (Q/M Ratio 7:1) QUEST a) 6 points of natural Invulnerability. b) Weapons used count as White Siege. c) May be combined with either Frost or Fire Giant to gain immunities. Garb: Hill: As a Barbarian. Frost: Heavy cold weather garb, furs (all usually white and/or blue.) Fire: Light cool weather garb (usually red and/or black). Red make-up. Titan: Whatever, often more elegant versions of the above. Description: Hill Giants stand 15-20 feet tall. Slow and simple minded. Frost Giants stand 25-30 feet tall. Grim, brooding and silent, they resemble vikings but are less apt to raid or plunder. In fact they prefer solitude. Fire Giants stand 25-30 feet tall. They dwell in the fiery realm of Muspell and often ignore the small races, preferring to turn their attention to wars against the Norse gods. There is, however, one recorded incident of Fire Giants charging out from Muspell and threatening the safety of Amtgard, during the reign of King Talinor... Titan: These Giants are akin to gods. They stand 75-100 ft. tall. The Norse hold that our world was created by the gods from the body of the Frost Joten Ymir, and the world would be destroyed by the Fire Joten Surtr. The Greeks hold that the Titans are as cousins to the gods and that it is the Titan Atlas who holds the world on his shoulders and further that it was the Titan Prometheus who introduced humans to the use of fire. Lives: 2 (Joten/Titan: 1) Levels: None


    (BL: RAN) Type: Creature Q/M Ratio 1/2:1 Armour: May wear up to 1 point. Attacks: Any short (under 4 ft. in total length) melee weapon and short bow. Abilities: 1) Sheer Numbers: each person playing a Goblin actually represents a number of Goblins cohorting about in a group. When a goblin dies, the player must lie down, only to rise again after a 50 count as "another Goblin takes his place. The number of times a Goblin can do this is limited, and listed by level. Note: A returning Goblin must shout "Alive!" Vulnerabilities: 1) A single shot to any unarmoured area of a Goblin kills him. All wounds kill. Garb: Crude rags, leather/hide armour. Greenish brown make-up. Description: Weaker orcs sometimes manage to survive the abuses of their stronger kin. These lesser orcs, called Goblins, tend to move in groups for protection. Larger, more substantial, groups only when led by a focused will, some overwhelmingly strong individual. Goblins are cruel, jealous, petty, ambitious, selfish, and suspicious. They hate all races, including other Orc/Goblin tribes. Inter-tribal cannibalism is the norm. Lives: See Sheer Numbers. Levels: 1st Sheer Numbers (8 lives total). 2nd Sheer Numbers (10 lives total). 3rd May use a shortbow or up to a medium shield. 4th Sheer Numbers (12 lives total) 5th Sheer Numbers (15 lives total) 6th May wear up to 2 points of additional armour.


    (BL: Terarin) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 4:1 Armour: 3 points natural armour. Attacks: 2 short swords, as claws. Abilities: 1) Flight, as per Wizard spell, cast by saying "I take flight" x 5. Unlimited usage. 2) Shove (as per Wizard spell) to simulate a wing buffet (1/life). Garb: Feathers and a good imagination. Description: Griffons are the mythological, half-lion half-eagle beasts from Greek and Roman literature. They are vicious carnivores, but would rather eat horses than wandering travellers. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd Can carry a passenger 1/life while in Flight. 3rd Can Heal self 1/life (as per Barbarian ability). 4th Claws become Red weapons. 5th Can carry up to 2 people while flying, 2/life. 6th + 1 pt. of armor (total 4).


    (BL: Chesire) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 1:1 Armour: None initially Attacks: 2 short swords as claws. One short sword is considered poisoned. Abilities: 1) Flight (unlimited) 2) Scare (2/Battle). Scare, must say I make thee afraid x3, range 20ft. This will make the person afraid of the wraith for a 1000 count. They may not attack the wraith during this time, and will tend to stay away from it. (1/life) Garb: Any shirt or tunic with feathered wings in a dull color. Description: Harpies are avians of the worst temperament. Partly human of both body and mind, they have their own goals, and ideas, considering humans and other 'no- wings' to be both expendable and tasty. They are not easily recruited, and those that secure a Harpy's aid often find it is they who are being used. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd 1 Point of Armour. 3rd Scare becomes twice per Life. 4th Both short swords are now Poisoned. 5th 2 Points of Armour. 6th Ability to carry two Enchantments.


    (GS: Vaargard) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 25:1 (QUEST) Armour: 4 points (represents sheer mass, not actual armor) Attacks: One flail per 'tentacle'. Considered a red weapon, One white weapon (beak) which must be a two-handed weapon. Abilities: 1) Invulnerability 2) Immune to all forms of flame. The Kraken is coated in a thick mucous which keeps it from drying out and offers excellent protection from even magical flame. 3) Cannot be held or subdued, magically or otherwise (exception- Healer Stun spell). A Kraken is virtually brainless and unable to leave its environment 4) Scare 2/game (as Troll) 5) 'Tentacles' may fight after death as per Barbarian regardless of cause of death (exception - Sphere of Annihilation to 'beak') 6) The 'beak' of a Kraken is attached to its huge submerged body and therefore stationery. Anyone slain by the beak is considered "eaten" and cannot be recalled or resurrected. Garb: Dark green robes. Description: Kraken are mammoth, squid-like creatures they rarely plague the shores of the world. On the odd occasions that they are found they flail their mammoth tentacles about hoping to snare a quick morsel. Little is known about these horrors of the sea save for their legendary strength and the difficulty of dispatching one when it appears. Notes: Kraken are huge and chaotic so they are best played by several players that are restricted to staying within 20 feet of the 'beak' to form the beast: A single 'beak'(One weapon, considered white) and from 8 to 12 'tentacles' represented by individuals wielding red flails (though more or less 'tentacles' may be used dependant upon the size of the Kraken(and the amount of rope available!) Each person has armor equal to the total given to the Kraken(i.e. In the case of a level 1 Kraken, a 'tentacle' has 4 points of armor. Unlike normal rules of combat, any strike to a 'tentacle' of a Kraken removes a point of armor. For example- if the 'left arm' whom has 4 points of armor is hit in the leg he/she would lose a part of overall armor and thus be reduced to 3 armor points. If the same 'left arm' is struck again, this time in thetorso, he would be reduced to 2 points of armor, and so on. upon losing all his/her armor and being slain, a body part should drop his weapon or separate himself from the 'body'. ) A Kraken is unusual in Amtgard in that it CANNOT normally move around the battlefield. A Kraken's 'beak ' is stationary and anchors its 'tentacles'. The beak is always stationery and serves the reference point for which the tentacles may roam. Subdued individuals may be carried to the 'beak' for consumption. Lives: 1 Levels: 1st No additional abilities 2nd Boulders: One 'tentacle' gains the ability to throw surrounding objects at attackers. Such boulders are considered white (per giant) This is usually represented by abundant 'barbarian boulders'. These may be returned (even by other 'tentacles') but MAY NOT be retrieved unless within the movement limit imposed by proximity to the 'beak'. Any number may be on hand initially, but after they are thrown out of reach, the Kraken is considered to have thrown all objects within reach and the chosen 'tentacle' loses this ability. 3rd No additional abilities 4th Shove, as per the Wizard spell, usable against all opponents within 50 feet of the head. (This represents the Kraken heaving its mighty bulk to create a huge wave that pushes back the attackers 5th Specialized Tentacles- The beak may choose 2 of its tentacles that can move freely within 100' 6th +1 Shove (total 2/life).

    Lizard Man

    (BL: Cheshire) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: 1 point natural armour. Attacks: A flail or morning star (which represents a tail) and any other non-throwing melee weapon. May use a medium shield. Abilities: 1) Tail acts as a Red weapon. 2) Immune to Poison. Garb: Green tunic, preferably with cloth scales. Description: Lizard Men are dangerous, tribal people who are quite primitive, and few in number. They can be found in any climate, but prefer a more marsh-like environment. They are savage in mind, but crude in technology, which may be the only thing saving the more "civilized" races. Lives: 4 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd Poison non-tail weapon, as per Assassin ability, 1/game. 3rd Additional point of natural armor (total 2). 4th Can use javelins (up to 5 t. in length). 5th Additional point of natural armor (total 3); Poison weapon becomes 1/life. 6th Can wear up to 3 points additional armor.


    (DS: The Rogue's Guild) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: 2 points natural armour. Attacks: 2 short swords (one may be poisoned), throwing daggers Abilities: 1) Flight (unlimited), as per Wizard. May throw daggers while flying. 2) Immunity to Poison. Garb: Tabard of (orange or tan) yellow with featherless wings, and a wig or paper lion's mane. Description: The manticore is the blending of a lion and a demon according to some, but whatever its true origin, the manticore remains a vile and tough opponent. Large and powerful, the beast can take to the air on leathery wings, has the fangs of a rattlesnake, and a tail covered with large iron like quills which it can fling a considerable distance. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities 2nd Scare (1 per life), as per Wraith ability, representing a deafening roar. 3rd One extra point of natural armor (total of three). 4th Throwing daggers are now poisoned. 5th Both short swords are now Red weapons. 6th Immunity to charm and control magics, as per Monk.


    (BL: Cheshire) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: 2 points. Attacks: As per warrior (excluding javelins and hinged weapons). Abilities: 1) Cannot be made Lost. 2) Immune to magics that charm or control. 3) All weapons used by Minotaur considered to be Red. 4) Tracking (2/life) as per Scout. Garb: Brown tunic and/or fur, and a brown headband or mask. Description: These savage creatures of legend have the head of a bull and the body of giant man. They are always dangerous, unpredictable, and completely merciless; and only a fool would challenge one in its own lair. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd +1 pt. armor (total 3). 3rd No additional abilities. 4th Fight After Death (1/life) as per Barbarian. 5th Immune to Entangle and Iceball 6th Additional life (total 4).


    (BL: RAN) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: 1 point natural armour due to toughness. May wear up to 2 points of additional armour. Attacks: Any melee weapon, boulder (as per Barbarian), javelin or shortbow. Abilities: 1) Cure Poison on Self (as per the Scout ability), due to strong metabolism, 1/life. 2) Berserk (as per the Barbarian ability) on last life. 3) Obtain Information from subdued person (similar to the Scout ability), must "torture" subdued victim for a 100 count, 1/game. Garb: Crude clothing, random leather/hide armour. Greenish grey make-up, animal fangs. Description: These hideous creatures are members of a race descended from Elves who were twisted and perverted by evil in the mists of the past. Although they are not inherently evil, they are culturally and mentally predisposed toward hate, malice and cruelty. They are almost always uncomfortable and, aside from meal time or battle, are never happy or at peace. Orcs are heavily built, with thick hides short legs, and long arms. they have grotesque, fanged faces and random hair growth. Lives: 4 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd 1 additional life (5 total). 3rd a) Fight After Death when Berserk (as per the Barbarian ability). b) 1 Flame Arrow (as per a Scout), is reusable. 4th May wear up to 3 points of additional armour. 5th May carry a medium shield. 6th a) Improve Weapon (as per the Warrior ability) 1/game. b) +1 point of natural armour (2 total).


    (BL: Chesire) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 1:1 Armour: 1 point natural armour. Attacks: 2 short clubs (hooves) Abilities: 1) Flight, as per Wizard spell, cast by saying "I take flight" x 5. Unlimited usage. 2) Awe, must say Thou art in awe! x3. This will make the person over whelmed with the beauty of the Pegasus for a 1000 count. They may not attack the Pegasus during this time, and will tend to stay away from it. (1/life). 3) Immune to spells that charm or control. Garb: Lots of white and wings. Description: Pegasus are one of the most beautiful and well known creatures. These extremely intelligent beasts are sought after by every facet of society for many reasons, not all of which would benefit the Pegasus. They generally choose to ignore most other races, though Pegasai will go out of their way to annoy Harpies. Lives: 4 Levels: 1st Awe (1/life). 2nd Can carry 1 passenger when flying (1/life). 3rd Awe (2/life). 4th Charm spell, as per Bard ability (1/game). 5th Charm becomes 1/life. 6th Awe (3/life).


    (MS: Malice) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 3:1 Armour: None. Attacks: By touch of hand. Abilities: 1) Touch of The Plague-Any being touched by a Plaguer is turned into a Plaguer in a 100 count, unless protected from disease, or cured. 2) Anyone who kills or is killed by a Plaguer will be turned into a one unless protected from disease, or cured. 3) All Plaguers attacks are countered by Protection from Disease, or Protection from Death. Vulnerabilities: 1) Cure disease will turn a Plagueer into a peasant warrior who is so grateful to the person who cured them that they will gladly die for them for the rest of their life, as per Bardic Charm. Garb: What you would normally wear on the field. The plague hides it's self well. Description: These are diseased humans, whose minds have been twisted by the plague they bear. They live only to infect others with their insanity and disease. Lives: 5 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd No additional abilities. 3rd Fight After Death for 10 seconds, any death blow the Plaguer receives, will cause the dealer of that blow to be turned into a Plaguer in a 100 count, if not cured, or protected from disease. 4th No additional abilities. 5th Plaguer may no longer be slain by 2 limb shots, will only die if all limbs are taken, or a killing torso shot. 6th Touch of Death (1/game).


    (SW: Lucas Wyngarde) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 1:1 Armour: 1 point natural armour and may wear up to 2 points of non-metal armour. Attacks: Any one melee weapon (may be red or blue), plus javelins. Abilities: 1) Entangle (2 / life), not reusable, as per Druid Entangle. Vulnerabilities: 1) Slain by any hit with a Magic Bolt or Enchanted weapons of any type. This is to represent the Scalors legendary vulnerability and ignorance of the arcane arts. Garb: Anything green, blue, or murky brown would denote the color of these amphibious fish-men. Also, scale mail could add a touch of realism, as would a fish motif mask (I have seen them so they are out there). In a pinch, some of those joke glasses with the big plastic googly-eyes might suffice. Make lots of bubbling and gurgling sounds. Walk slumped over to emulate the slow gait these creatures exhibit on land. Description: The Scalor are a barbaric race of humanoid fish. They are the mortal enemies of humans and mer-folk alike, as the Scalors everything they cannot eat, destroy, or subjugate. These cunning fish-men have developed ambush tactics, use of undersea nets to capture prey, and basic metal working skills. Lives: 5 Levels: 1st No additional abilities 2nd May carry two blouders (as per Barbarian) as throwing weapons 3rd May toss 1 additional Entangle per life (total 3) 4th No additional abilities 5th May Entangle 1 additional time per life (total 4) 6th May Poison one (reusable) melee weapon per life. Same as Assassin ability.

    Spider, Giant

    (BL: Cheshire) Type: Standard Creature Q/M 1:1 Armour: 1 point natural armour. Attacks: 2 daggers or 1 short sword. Abilities: 1) 2 Entangle Balls (as per Druid spell) unlimited usage. 2) Web. This ability (not a spell) is used by tying a strip of white cloth of 10 feet or less length between two points. Both ends of the strand must be cut with magical weapon, or Fireball or Lighting Bolt, before it can be destroyed. In the mean time, any person who crosses or touches one of these strands is entangled for a 300 count or until freed, whichever comes first. The Giant Spider is immune to these strands. The Giant spider can have up to 8 strands at a time (initially). 3) Immune to Entangles, spell of Wounding, and Hold Person spells. 4) All weapons are considered poisoned. 5) Immune to Poison. Garb: Black tunic with some kind of web pattern on it (no cartoon costumes please). Description: Larger and more intelligent than their household counterparts, Giant Spiders are some of the most dangerous monsters around. They are cunning, ruthless, and are often found in cohorts with vampires as castle guardians. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd +1 point of armour (total 2). 3rd Can use 2 short swords instead of daggers. 4th Poisoned blades kill in a 50 count instead of 100. 5th +1 pt. of armour (total 3). 6th Spider Horde: Cast by saying "I call upon an army spiders to devour thee" x3. Having a range of 20ft., the victim (if caught) is dead. Bug-juice city. Simulates calling on all of its offspring to kill an opponent (1/life).


    (PV: The Rogue's Guild) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 2:1 Armour: 2 Points Attacks: 2 Short swords (wing buffeting and talons) Abilities: 1) Shove (Unlimited), as a non-magical version of the Wizard spell. 2) Wind (once per life) as per Wizard. 3) Call Lightning (2/Life), as per Druid spell. 4) Flight (Unlimited), as per Wizard spell. Garb: A dark, feathered tunic or tabard. Description: Some say the Stormraven is a melding of crow and the Elemental sky. Others claim it is the living embodiment of the tribal Spirit. Perhaps both are right, but the stormraven isn't telling, busy as it is in its vigil over the wind and storms. Some say this is the Thunderbird of American legend. Lives: 4 Levels: None


    (SW: Lucas Wyngarde) Type: Standard Creature Q/M 2:1 Armour: 2 (may wear 2 more) Attacks: One long or two short weapons, javelins Abilities: 1) Stinking Cloud (2 / life). The hallmark of Trog society, they stink! They may lay out a 50 foot strip of green cloth to denote their territory (in which no one may enter), this area may be maintained for a 300 count. Multiple Trogs may tie their strips together to form a larger cloud zone. Missile combat may still takes place through the cloud. 2) Stink Bolt (1/life) , unlimited usage. Trogs may toss 1 green spell ball to symbolize a gout of foul ooze. If hit by this Stink Bolt, two things happen, target is treated as if he had been hit by a normal magic bolt, and NO ONE except Troglodytes can approach the target within 20 feet for a 300 count (because he stinks so bad!) Garb: Green and / or yellow clothing to symbolize the putrid hide of the notorious Trogs. Also, fins are big with the Troglodyte set, head fins, dorsal fins, swimming / diving fins (on your feet). Scale mail is suitable. Also, bandoleers are a Trog fashion statement, so a brown or black sash across the chest could be used to represent one. Description: Troglodytes are an off-shoot of the original Lizard Man race. The troglodytes adapted to a more aquatic environment, resulting in the fins that are the traditional source of racial pride. The fact that Trogs smell horribly permeates their dealings with other races. They know others find them repulsive, and have an inferiority complex about it. If treated kindly, or approached unarmed, the Trogs can be quite pleasant. Lives: 4 Levels: 1st No additional abilities 2nd Entangle (1/life) as per Druid spell. 3rd No additional abilities 4th May use 1 additional Stink Bolt ability (total 2 /life) 5th No additional abilities 6th Entangle (2/life).


    (BK: Kaboth) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 3:1 Armour: 2 points natural armour and 2 points Invulnerability. Attacks: Two long swords that are considered Poisoned and Red. May carry throwing weapons which are considered poisoned. Abilities: 1) Flight, unlimited uses, as per Wizard Flight spell. Description: Wyverns are the evolutionary precursor of dragons. They have been known to carry off cattle for food, sure they have picked humans for their grazing food also. Garb: Wear the same things as you would with a dragon but have a porcupine-like tail. Lives: 4 Levels: 1st No additional abilities. 2nd 3 points armour. 3rd No additional abilities. 4th 4 points of armour. 5th No additional abilities. 6th One additonal life.

    Yeti (Abominable Snowman)

    (DS: Egil Njalsson) Type: Standard Creature Q/M Ratio 5:1 (QUEST) Armour: 1 point natural initially (though hitting them is liable to make them very angry) Attacks: Any combination of 2 short swords or daggers as claws Abilities: 1) Iceball (as the wizard spell), unlimited use. Number of people who can be Iceballed at any given time depends on level. Charged by saying "iceball"x5 (charged in either hand). Represents really powerful snowballs. 2) Avalanche: Natural ability to bring snow cascading down a hillside. Stomp repeatedly on ground with one foot (other must remain still) while saying "avalanche"x10. (This can be done while fighting, if one foot remains planted.) All within 20' radius (friend or foe) are affected as if hit by an iceball, as they have been buried in a snow drift. (Standard means of freeing them apply.) A yeti is immune to its own avalanche, but not to the avalanches of other yetis. 3) Immune to all cold-based attacks (such as iceball and white dragon breath) except the avalanches of other yetis. Garb: White garb; fur would be nice. (Old silk hat and corncob pipe are optional.) Typically found (if at all) only in snowy, alpine regions. Description: These creatures of the high himalayas are rarely seen. They tend to be territorial, attacking only if their "turf" ("tundra?") is invaded; but have also been known to range far and wide if roused. The yeti is very physically strong, and stands 8 (young adult) to 11 feet (mature) tall. Lives: 3 Levels: 1st 1 Iceball and Avalanche 1/game. 2nd 2 Iceballs and 2 points natural armour. 3rd 3 Iceballs and Avalanche 2/game 4th 4 Iceballs and weapons become red (brute force.) 5th 5 Iceballs and Avalanche 1/life 6th 6 Iceballs and ability to go Berserk, as barbarian, on last life, including 10 count Fight After Death.

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