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Mystical Creatures

  • Angelic Hero
  • Basilisk
  • Brownie
  • Darklord
  • Deva
  • Dragon, Basic
  • Dragon, Chromatic
  • Dryad
  • Elemental, Air
  • Elemental, Earth
  • Elemental, Fire
  • Elemental, Water
  • Extra-Planar Entity
  • Gargoyle
  • Golem, Flesh
  • Golem, Mud
  • Golem, Scarecrow
  • Golem, Rock
  • Golem, Metal
  • Gremlin
  • Gypsy
  • Hydra
  • Lycanthrope
  • Medusa
  • Siren
  • Sphinx
  • Troll, Regenerating
  • Troll, Stone
  • Unicorn
  • White Rabbit
  • Note:

    Mystical creatures are exactly the same as standard creatures except they all have one common vulnerability. Due to their extreme magical nature, the Wizard enchantment Antimagic reduces the monster's level by one (Note, a monster can not be reduced below first level).

    Angelic Hero

    (BL: Talinor)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 5:1 (QUEST)
    Armour:   Two points natural, and up to four points of
              additional armor may be worn.
    Attacks:  Any melee weapons and javelins.
         1)   All weapons do a single point of damage to
              Angelic Hero (including magical weapons,
              relics, and siege weapons).
         2)   Immune to all forms of magic, including
              enchantments. This affects the Angelic
              Hero's items as well.
         3)   Immune to all forms of holding and control
              (including both magical and non- magical
         4)   Holy Weapon 1/life - Hero must tie a
              white cloth around the weapon and state
              "Holy Weapon" loudly.  This gives the
              weapon the same abilities as either a
              bladesharp or bludgeon and works against
              all forms of shields and armor (including
              invulnerability armor, and armour like
              magics; also versus improve shield,
              enchanted shield, and protection from magic
              enchantment). *This does not work versus
              relics (ie. shield of protection and ring of
              power). The "Holy Weapon" is
              indestructible. This is a natural ability.
         5)   More abilities gained at later levels.
         1)   The Angelic Hero is not undead and is not
              affected by spells or abilities that directly
              affect undead.  The Angelic Hero is a
              spiritual being, however, and is moderately
              affected by sever spirit (it forces the Angelic
              Hero to suffer the affects of a lost spell for
              300 count).
         2)   The Angelic Hero may not attack unless
    Garb: White and gold tunic or tabard over armor. A golden
    phoenix on a white field must also be visible.
         Angelic Heroes are the spirits of knights that have
         served their Lords and the Gods of Law and Order
         faithfully unto death, where they joined the realms of
         their god and became the god's chosen champion.
         They are some times sent down from the realms of
         the gods to aid faithful mortals in dire need, to guard
         an object of tremendous power (to keep it from
         falling into the wrong hands) or to combat an evil that
         is too great for mankind to vanquish alone. Angelic
         Heroes are very rare. They generally appear as
         majestic knights in glowing white armor and garb.
    Lives: 2
         1st  As above
         2nd  Gains the ability to Heal self 1/life as per
              Paladin heal ability.
         3rd  May bestow immunities to magic with 1
              person in physical contact 1/life.
         4th  Heal ability useable on self or others 2/life.
         5th  Resurrect 1/life as per Paladin ability.
         6th  1 additional life, 3 total.
         Concerning the 2nd vulnerability, not attacking unless
         provoked, this generally means an opponent must
         attempt to strike first. Provoked does not mean using
         lame excuses to join combat (ie. "he was breathing
         my air, so I killed him" is not an appropriate
         response).  Because of this vulnerability, playing a
         Angelic Hero may get boring, in terms of combat (all
         the more reason to roleplay).


    (BL:  Rakasta)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/m Ratio 4:1
    Armour:   One point natural armour initially.
    Attacks:  Short sword as claws and flail as tail.
         1)   Unlimited usage of Petrify Bolt.  Basilisk
              need only say "Petrify"x3 to charge bolt.
         2)   Immune to Poison.
         3)   Short sword is considered Poisoned.
         4)   Scare, must say  I make the afraid x2,
              range 20 ft. This will make the person afraid
              of the Basilisk for a 1000 count. They may
              not attack the Basilisk during this time, and
              will tend to stay away from it. (1/life)
    Garb:  Anything that suggest stone.  
         Basilisk are large stone covered lizards that prey on
         any living creature.  Anything they can not kill they
         turn to stone.
    Lives:  1
         1st  As Above.
         2nd  Gains immunity to Sleep and Stun magics.
         3rd  +1 to all armour.  One additional life (total
         4th  Short sword becomes a red weapon.
         5th  +1 to all armour (total of 3).  One additional
              life (total 3).
         6th  Flail is a red weapon.  Additional +1 to all
              armour (total 4).


    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature.
    Q/M Ratio 1:1
    Armour:   1 point natural, due to size and speed.
    Attacks:  Either a dagger or a short sword.
         1)   May cast the following spells:  Flight (by
              levels), Circle of Protection (2/life) and
              Teleport (1/life) all as per wizard spells. 
              Lost (by levels)as per healer spell.
         2)   Can blend into the forest landscape by
              saying   Oh forest hide and protect me x2.
              This is the ability of the brownie to use its
              size and speed to take refuge within the
              forest. The brownie must remain within 50
              feet of a tree.  Once completed, the brownie
              is  gone , and may reappear up to five
              minutes later. The brownie must stay within
              50 feet of a tree for the duration, and must
              say   Forest release me X1 to reappear. Use
              of this unlimited.
         3)   May wear additional armour, but only if it is
              not bulky, or made of metal, and may not be
              more then 3 points.
    Garb:  Scout like grab.
         A small (1 1/2  tall) being that is a distant relative of
         elves and leprechauns. They are usually very shy and
         weary of strangers, but can be helpful if treated well.
         They have pointed ears, and long pointed noses.
         Being creatures of the woods, they typically wear
         clothing of brown and green, and other earthy tones.
    Lives: 3
         1st  Flight (1/life), Lost (1/life.)
         2nd  As above.
         3rd  Lost  
         4th  Flight (2/life)
         5th  Lost (3/life)
         6th  Flight (unlimited usage).


    (BL: Original creator unknown - this edition by Talinor)
    Type: Magical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 2:1
    Armour:   As per class played.
    Attacks:  As per class played.
         1)   Must play a regular class with the Darklord
              monster abilities added. May only play at
              the level that he has already attained in the
              class played and is allowed use of that
              classes abilities.  Due to this, Darklord has
              no level ascension.
         2)   Limited Regeneration - The Darklord
              has a limited form of regeneration. He may
              regenerate from death in a 100 count. The
              Darklord may not regenerate wounds. The
              Darklord does not regenerate from
              non-enchantment, magic related death, but
              must instead go to his/her base and
              immediately come back to life.
         3)   Create Minion - The Darklord must take
              an opponent (dead or alive, Darklords prefer
              dead), by means of subdual or dragging
              dead bodies, back to the Darklord lair. Once
              there, the opponent may either become a
              minion on the Darklord's team, or drop out
              of the game. Becoming a minion is
              permanent and may not be reversed. 
              Note:  The Darklord is not undead, but the
              Minion is. The minion must now play the
              remainder of his/her lives on the Darklord
              team. The minion plays these lives as per
              the class he/she was playing when captured
              as normal. The minion is affected by spells
              that affect undead, with the exception of
              spells that negate undeath.
         1)   The Darklord has no real vulnerabilities, but
              when possible should be killed by magic so
              he/she must return to base to come back to
         2)   If the Darklord is playing a magic using
              class, his/her spells run out as normal.
    Garb:  The Darklord is generally indistinguishable from any
    other combatants, but to be able to distinguish him, he must
    have a large black favor, or armband. He should also be
    announced at the beginning of the scenario. Loud, incoherent
    evil babbling is very encouraged by Darklords and minion
         Darklords are particularly evil individuals. They want
         to rule the world and have the means to do it.
         Darklords exude an evil aura (Remember, roleplaying
         evil does not mean being an a--hole on the field). In
         general appearance, Darklords hardly differ from any
         other individual of the civilized races. They do,
         however, occasionally babble to themselves about
         being evil and taking over the world.
    Lives: Unlimited
    Levels: None
         The Darklord is a monster particular to a special
         scenario (ie. The Darklord Scenario) and should not
         be used outside of that scenario. The Darklord
         scenario is geared towards the Darklord team
         winning, and the Darklord's power generally reflects
         that. The Darklord and his minions must identify
         themselves as Darklords or minions when asked.


    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 2:1
    Armour:   2 points.
    Attacks:  Swords and Shields, as per warrior.
         1)   Heal (1/life) as per healer.  Deva s may
              only use their Heals and Mends on others,
              not them on themselves.
         2)   Mend (1/game) as per healer.
         3)   Awe, must say  Thou art in awe! x3.  This
              will make the person over whelmed with the
              beauty and power of the Deva for a 1000
              count. They may not attack the Deva during
              this time, and will tend to stay away from it.
         4)   Teleport (1/life) as per Wizard.
         5)   Flight (unlimited) as per Wizard.
    Garb:  Wings and angelic white robes.
         These brilliant beings are the upkeepers of law and
         good, always upholding that which is pure and
         innocent in nature and life. They sometimes appear as
         globes of brilliantly colored light, but usually as tall
         humanoids, with large white wings.
    Lives: 3
         1st  As above.
         2nd  Teleport (2/life)
         3rd  As above.
         4th  Mend becomes (1/life)
         5th  Heal (2/life)
         6th  Awe (3/life) and gains ability to use one of
              its heals on itself (1/game).

    Dragon, Basic

    (BL: RAN)
    Type: Magical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 8:1 (QUEST)
    Armour:   5 point Invulnerability
    Attacks: Claws, two white siege short swords.
         1)   Flight, similar to the Wizard spell but
              non-magical unlimited use (see Pegasus
         2)   Fireball, similar to the Wizard spell but
              non-magical (protection from magic, won't
              help),unlimited use.
         3)   May cast spells as a Wizard of the same
              level, claws do not count against spell
    Garb:  Garb or armour with the suggestion of scales.
         Dragons are cunning and cruel creatures of reason and
         magic. Nothing pleases a dragon more than to sack a
         kingdom, hoard all of it's treasures in one place and
         nest on the pile for a century or two.
    Lives: 1
    Levels:      1st    as above
         2nd  +1 point of Invulnerability (6 total)
         3rd  +1 Life (2 total)
         4th  +1 Invulnerability (7 total)
         5th  +1 Life (3 total)
         6th  +1 Invulnerability (8 total)

    Dragon, Chromatic

    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 8:1 (QUEST)
    Armour:   4 points. Up to 8 points. at higher levels.
    Attacks: 2 daggers or short swords as claws, considered White
    Siege Weapons.
         1)   All armour is considered Invulnerability, as
              per Druid Stoneskin.  Note, that this is non-
              magical and may not be dispelled.
         2)   May cast the following spells:  Dispel
              Magic (per levels) as per Wizard, and Mend
              (3/life) as per Healer.
         3)   Unlimited use of a breath weapon. The type
              of breath weapon is dependent on what type
              of dragon is being played.
    Garb:  Scales and armour.
         One of the most intensely beautiful, yet terrifying
         creatures in existence, a dragon is usually only
         encountered by the foolish or unlucky. These huge
         beasts are found in all climates, gathering their huge
         piles of treasure to sleep upon, or hunting. They are
         of different colors, according to their species, and
         each has it s own personality. They have a tendency
         to eliminate anyone who enters their territory, whether
         it was knowingly, or accidental, so it is considered
         prudent not to attack them. These beasts are so huge
         and ferocious, that is considered quite an achievement
         to slay one.
    Type of Dragons:
    Sable Dragon:  These dragons use a Sphere of Annihilation.
    Must state  Sphere of Annihilation x3 before throwing a black
    Azure Dragon:  These dragons use Lightning Bolt, as per the
    wizard spell. Must state  Lightning Bolt x3 before throwing a
    yellow spellball.
    Emerald Dragon:  This type of dragon bellows a Death
    Cloud Bolt, that poisons a target upon contact with the person
    or anything they are holding, with only a 50 count until death.
    Must state  Deathcloud x3 before throwing a green spellball.
    Crimson Dragon:  This dragon breathes fire, as per Wizard Fire
    Ball.  Must state  Fireball  x3 before throwing the red
    spellball.  Note, Anti-Paladins and Paladins are immune to this
    Opal Dragon:  These dragons use an icy breath weapon, as per
    the Wizard spell Iceball. Must state  Iceball x3 before throwing
    the white spell ball. Note, Only barbarians are immune to this
    Lives: 1
         1st  4 points natural armour.
         2nd  Dispel Magic (1/life)
         3rd  Dispel Magic (2/life) 
                +1 point natural armour (5 total)
         4th  +1 point natural armour (6 total)
                  May cast the following spells:
              Bladesharp/Bludgeon (2/game)
              Talk to Dead (1/game)
              Messenger (unlimited)
              Shove (1/life) as a wing buffet
              All as per Wizard spell of same name.
         5th  Dispel Magic(3/life) 
              +1 point natural armour (7 total)
              Flight (unlimited) as per wizard spell
         6th  Dispel Magic (4/life)
              +1 point natural armour (8 total).


    (BL:   Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio:  2:1
    Armour:   None initially.
    Attacks: Single Dagger.
         1)   Vanish (3/life) effects as per Brownie
              camouflage ability, must say  oh forest, hide
              and protect me. x3. Must state  Forest
              release me.  to reappear. May stay hidden
              for up to a 300 count.
         2)   May cast the following spells:  Heal
              (unlimited) as per healer, Yield (3/life) as
              per wizard. Must state  Yield thy arms and
              come to me. x3 with a range of 30ft.
         3)   Dryads must declare a home tree, and
              cannot finally be shattered until their home
              tree is destroyed.
         4)   Additional abilities gained later.
    Garb:  Seductive attire adorned with leaves and twigs.
         These creatures are beautiful, mischievous wood
         spirits. Little is known of them, except for that they
         command powerful magic, and always demand a high
         price for their benevolence. This price is often an
         attractive member of the opposite sex, who is seldom
         seen again.     
         1st  As Above.
         2nd  1 Point armour.
         3rd  May cast Heat Weapon and Warp Wood
              (1/life) as per druid spells of same name.
         4th  As above.
         5th  Heat Weapon and Warp Wood (2/life)
         6th  +1 point armour (2 total).


    Elementals are creatures that spawn from the elemental plane. They can be summoned under special circumstances by Archmages, or Great Druids (both being 6th level in status) when given special permission by the Guildmaster of Monsters, The Monarch, and the Prime Minister. The summoning of an elemental is similar to the creation of a Golem. To bring one to this plane, the magic user must spend 3 spell points from there 4th through 6th spell points (ie. 3 points from 4th, 3 points from 5th, and 3 points from 6th) Once called upon this plane, elementals are fierce fighters, and are loyal servants of their summoners, but can ultimately be dispelled to their plane of origin, using simple magic s, named later in the elementals descriptions. There are 4 general types of elementals (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water), and though Burning Lands has never seen one, Water Elementals are common in the Mystic Seas. Note: Elementals have no levels.

    Elemental, Air

    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/m Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   2 points.
    Attacks:  2 Short swords, as the slashing winds of their arms.
         1)   Teleport (2/life) as per wizard.
         2)   Call lightning (2/life) as per druid.
         3)   Shove (unlimited) as per wizard, may be
              cast while moving. This is the ability to
               push  with a great gust of wind.
         4)   Immune to all Fire and Lightning spells, and
              those that charm, control, or hold.
              Exception:  Iceball.
         5)   May only be struck by magical weapons and
              Berserk Barbarians.
         6)   Immune to Poison.
         1)   Air elementals can be dispelled back to their
              plane of origin with a simple Wind spell.
    Garb:  Thin filmy gauze.
         These are creatures brought forth from the element of
         air. They appear as either a whirlwind, or as a
         transparent humanoid in light, airy clothing. They are
         highly intelligent, and very apt to obey their
    Lives:  3

    Elemental, Earth

    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature.
    Armour:   2 points.
    Attacks:  Two maces, considered red weapons.  This is the
              massive fists of the elemental.
         1)   Teleport (unlimited) as per wizard. Earth
              elemental carry it s summoner with it on a
              Teleport (1/life).
         2)   May turn Flesh to Stone, affects as per
              Druid spell of same name (1/life). Must say
               Stone x1 upon contact of an opponent,
              with weapon or hand.
         3)   Any form of Petrify or Flesh To Stone, will
              Heal lost limbs, and Mend armour.
         4)   Immune to Poison.
         1)   A Stone to Flesh spell will completely
              disintegrate the elemental, dispelling it from
              this plane, for the rest of its lives.
    Garb:  Dark browns and reds.  If your really into it, cover
    yourself with mud.
         These are massive beings of solid, animated earth and
         stone, who are brought into this plane from the plane
         of earth. They are totally obedient to their
         summoners, unless the orders seem to be obscure or
    Lives:  3

    Elemental, Fire

    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   2 points.
    Attacks:  Single sword and a Short Bow.
         1)   Whenever the Fire Elemental is stuck, the
              weapon that struck him undergoes the
              effects of a Heat Weapon, as per Wizard,
              with two exceptions:  Flamebalde, and the
              Sword of Flame.
         2)   Pyrotechnics (2/life) as per Wizard.
         3)   Any sword used by elemental are considered
              Flameblade as per Druid spell. And all
              arrows are considered Flame Arrows as per
         4)   Immune to all forms of magic, except for
              those fire and ice based. A fire spell will
              heal all limbs and mend all armour, and
              Iceball acts as a Banish.
         5)   Immune to Poison.
         1)   If a fire elemental is hit with by an Iceball
              5 times in one life, then it is dispelled for
              the rest of its lives.
    Garb:  Wispy reds, oranges, and yellows.
         These elementals come forth from the plane of fire.
         They appear as majestic humanoids, carrying a great
         sword and a quiver of flaming arrows hanging from
         its shoulder, all made of fire. They are not always
         reliable servants, but they will never attack their
    Lives: 3

    Elemental, Water

    (MS:  Malice)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 4:1
    Armour:   2 points.
    Attacks:  2 flails, considered Red weapons.
         1)   Wave (unlimited), similar to wizard spell
              Wind, state  Wave x3, this is to simulate a
              water blast, such as that from an ocean
         2)   Teleport (2/life) This simulated the
              elementals seeping into the ground, and
              appearing elsewhere.
         3)   Drowning Grasp (1/life) Elemental must
              touch person and say  Drown x1.  Person is
              dead, only an invulnerability will stop this.
              May be extended through flails.
         4)   Immune to all forms of magic, except those
              fire and ice based. Iceball heals all lost
              limbs, and mends all lost armour, while a
              Fire based spell acts as a banish spell.
         5)   A Flameblade will be extinguished
              (dispelled) if used to strike a water
         6)   Immune to Poison.
         1)   Being struck or caught in a fire based spell
              5 times in one life, will result in the
              elemental being dispelled remainder of their
    Garb:  Blue flowing garb and a squirt gun doesn't hurt.
         Although rare in other kingdoms, these water
         elementals are in abundance in the Mystic Seas.
         Massive, living waves, the elementals are as
         changeable as the substance of which they are formed.
         They are fickle creatures, and tend to misinterpret
         orders, in a childish, literal manner.
    Lives:  3

    Extra-Planar Entity

    (GS:  Vaargard)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 7:1 (QUEST)
    Armour:   4 points
    Attacks:  2 short swords, treated as red weapons or any
              weapons as warrior
         1)   Invulnerability, but must pick one of the
              following that the invulnerability does not
              apply to:  fire, electricity, cold (ie. iceball
              would act as lightning bolt), bladed weapons
              (includes arrows and throwing weapons),
              blunt weapons, or any similar common
              attack type as agreed upon by the
              Questmaster, Guildmaster of Reeves, and/or
              Guildmaster of Monsters. It should be noted
              that due to power number 7, some of these
              vulnerabilities may be less effective than
              others and should be balanced to fit the
              individuals the monster is likely to face.
          2)       Curse (as 4th level Wizard spell) once per
          3)  Confusion (as 3rd level Druid Spell) up to
              three times per life (see levels) except
              Barbarians are effected as per Warrior.
          4)  Flight (as per 5th level Wizard spell
              unlimited usage).
          5)  Dispel Magic (as per 3rd level Wizard) three
              times per life.
          2)  Scare, must say  I make the afraid x3. This
              will make the person afraid of the Entity for
              a 1000 count. They may not attack the
              Entity during this time, and will tend to stay
              away from it. (1/life)
          7)  Immunity to any spells of 2nd level or
              higher save those that fall into the chosen
              vulnerability in 1.
    Garb:  Red fabrics, horns, and a pitch fork.
         Extra-planar entities come in as many forms as they
         have names: Demons, devils, daemons, Great Old
         Ones, and their like are all mythological examples of
         the horrid forms of life that come from realms beyond
         our own. Their powers are legion and their forms are
         awesome to behold but, for all their terrible splendor,
         these beings are destined to be destroyed by the
         powers of light. Rarely do two entities have the same
         powers but they all seem to have one thing in
         common; they seem to draw heros to themselves.
         Normally, Entities seek to destroy those that seek
         them out, but eventually a champion will strike the
         foul creature down. The ranks of those that have slain
         demons are small but due to their successes, Entities
         remain a rarity confined mostly to Songs of Legend
         and boasts of tavern braggarts.
    Lives: 1
         1st  Confusion (1/life) and  Scare (1/life)
          2nd      Pyrotechnics (as 4th level Wizard spell)
                   1/life or Steal Life (as Anti-Paladin) 1/life or
                   Immunity to non-magical weapons.
          3rd      +1 Confusion (2/life) and  +1 Scare (2/life)
          4th      Projectile Protection (as 3rd level Wizard
                   spell)  1/life OR Yield (as 3rd level Wizard
                   spell) OR ability to regenerate limbs after a
                   fifty count.
          5th      +1 Confusion (3/life) and +1 Scare (3/life)
          6th Weapons treated as White Siege weapons or
              Sphere of Annihilation (1 ball/unlimited
              usage) or Feeblemind (as 6th level Druid)
         Extra-Planar Entities are perhaps the most potentially
         powerful monster in the tomes due to its natural
         abilities; the fact that, at higher levels, it is hard to
         predict what any individual Extra-Planar entity is
         capable of; and the ability at higher levels to ''tailor
         make' a virtually indestructible monster. Therefore, it
         is advisable that only higher level players with
         experience in magic-using classes or monster class
         portray these beings and that it only be used against
         very experienced players. This monster was
         specifically created to present a challenge to higher
         level players who know the weaknesses of any
         monster they would normally encounter.


    (BL:  Rakasta)
    Type:  Magical creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   2 points of Invulnerability.
    Attacks:   2 short swords (both are red weapons) and a rock.
         1)   Flight twice a life (may carry one dead
              victim.)  See Pegasus.
         2)   Sever spirit (2/life) to simulate the
              devouring of the dead.  Can only be used at
         3)   Mend spell heals wounds.
         1)   Stone to Flesh will kill a gargoyle.  
         2)   The gargoyle must have a lair where victims
              are taken.
         3)   A gargoyle's rock may only be used while in
    Garb:  Dark grays and bat-like wings.
         An animated statue, the gargoyle is vicious, finding
         extreme pleasure in the torment of those whose flesh
         is weaker then his stony hide. Found in any color that
         is appropriate to stone, gargoyles are winged.
    Lives:  1
    Levels:     1st     As above.
         2nd  Blend with Stone (1/life). Say "May this
              stone hide and protect me."x2 within 50 feet
              of larger than man-size stonework of any
              type and Gargoyle teleports to that
              stonework (similar to the Wizard Teleport
         3rd  Flight becomes unlimited.
         4th  Gains one life, for a total of two and one
              point of Invulnerability (total 3).
         5th  Blend with Stone becomes twice per life. 
              +1 life (total 3).
         6th  Sever Spirit becomes unlimited (see above.)


    Golems are massive lumbering creations of a powerful ancient spell, known only by a few Archmages. The formula for the creation of a Golem is rumored to be in the Ancient Tome of Mages. Under special circumstances, an archmage (of 6th level) may create one of these by sacrificing spell points (divided into the 5th and 6th level spell points evenly) to summon a Golem. The cost of the spell is in parenthesis next to the name of the particular golem. An example of this is the Mud Golem, which cost s 4 points to create (2 points from 5th level spells, and 2 points from 6th level.) Note: There are no levels to golems. Golems are very powerful creatures, and should only be allowed in special games and quests. All golems have only one life, and may not be resurrected.

    Golem, Flesh (2)

    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   1 point.
    Attacks:  2 non-hinged maces, considered fists.
         1)   Immune to all forms of magic, magic
              weapons do normal damage.
         2)   Fire and Ice based spell will act as a Hold
              Person spell.
         3)   Lightning spells act as Heal and Mend
              spells, healing all lost limbs, and mending
              all lost armour.
         4)   May capture a prisoner and take back to
              Wizard.  The prisoner may then be
              "sacrificed" to heal wounds.
    Garb:  Try to look like Frankenstein.
         These monsters resemble Frankenstein s Monster, as
         they are pieces of flesh and bone animated by magic.
    Lives:  1

    Golem, Mud (4)

    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   2 points
    Attacks:  2 maces, considered a massive fists.
         1)   Immune to all bladed weapons.
         2)   Immune to all forms of magic, magic
              weapons do normal damage.     
         1)   Dispel Magic or PyroTechnics will cause
              the death of the Clay Golem.
    Garb:  Earth tones and brown make-up.
         These creatures are massive frames of wood, covered
         in clay, and then animated with magic.
    Lives:  1

    Golem, Scarecrow (4)

    (BL-DS: Cheshire and Labyrinth)
    Type: Magical Creature (Golem)
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   2 points natural body armour.
    Attacks:  2 short, non-hinged weapons, or a single long weapon
              or pole-arm.
         1)   Scarecrows cannot be affected by projectile
              weapons, excluding Flame Arrows and siege
         2)   Scare 4/life. Scarecrow says "I make thee
              afraid" x 3. Range 20 ft. Target player
              cannot attack caster for a 1000 count.
         3)   Immune to all magics that charm, control, or
         4)   Immune to Death Magic.
         5)   Magic weapons (excluding flame-blade and
              Sword of Flame) do normal weapon
         6)   Fear 1/life. Caster starts to chant the word
              "Fear" over and over again, and can have no
              weapons in hand. While chanting, no one
              may come within twenty feet of the caster,
              and no one make take any action against
              him/her. The caster is, however, still
              affected by battle-field wide effects. Caster,
              while chanting, cannot come within twenty
              feet of a base or game item.
    Garb:  Tattered old shirt or tunic and mask. Hay sticking out
    of garb is a nice touch.
         These golems are one of the oldest forms of sentries,
         used by village shamans as guardians of crops and
         fields. Certain spell-casters discovered that these
         lumps of hay, if granted magical life, were capable of
         scaring more than just the birds.
    Lives:  2
    Levels:  None
    Notes: The Scarecrow is to be considered a Golem, and like
    other Golems, may only be taken out if a high level mage pays
    a certain number of spell points (in this case; four) from his/her
    fifth, and sixth level spell points.

    Golem, Rock (6)

    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   3 points.
    Attacks:  A single long sword, considered a Red weapon.
         1)   May cast Hold Person, as per Wizard spell
              (4/game).  Note: This spell has a 25 foot
         2)   Immune to all forms of magic, magic
              weapons do normal damage.
         3)   Flesh to Stone or Petrify will heal all lost
              limbs, and heal lost limbs.
    Garb:  Grays and stone like colours
         These creatures are animated statues of incredible
    Lives:  1

    Golem, Metal (8)

    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 4:1
    Armour:   4 points.
    Attacks:  Single long sword, considered a Red weapon or two
              short swords.
         1)   Can be harmed only by magic weapons,
              which do normal damage, most other magics
              have no effect.
         2)   Lightning spells act as a Hold Person, while
              fire spells heal lost limbs, and mend all
         3)   Deathcloud Spell say  Deathcloud x5,
              and all within a 10  radius are dead from a
              poisonous cloud the Golem exhales.
              (2/game).  Note: Invulnerability s, and the
              enchantment Cure Poison will protect
              someone from this, as well as the Monk and
              Druid class ability Immunity to Poison.
    Garb:  Silvers and grays.
         These massive animations are colossi of metal,
         worked into human shapes, and brought to life with
         intense magical energies.
    Lives:  1


    (BL:  Rakasta)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 1:1
    Armour:   None initially.
    Attacks:    Single Poisoned dagger or short sword.
         1)   Teleport (1/life).
         2)   Heat Weapon, invoked by saying, "By the
              powers of chaos, I heat that weapon."x3
              (3/life), range 50ft.
         3)   Warp Wood, invoked by chanting, "By
              chaos I warp that wood."x3 (3/life), range
         4)   Pyrotechnics (1/life), as per Wizard spell.
         5)   Dispell Magic, Impowered by saying, "I
              dispell that magic."x3, (2/life), range 20 ft.
         1)   Gremlins are attracted to complex machinery
              and beautiful members of the opposite sex.
         Gremlins are neutral creatures that exist for their own
         amusement. They are pranksters and thieves but are
         not dangerous unless provoked.  They appear to be
         sickly green elves with a very warped sense of
         1st  As above.
         2nd  Heat Weapon (5/life).
         3rd  Warp Wood (5/life).
              May wear one point of armour.
         4th  Hide (2/life).
              Gain one additional life (total 2.)
         5th  Dispel Magic becomes unlimited.
         6th  Teleport becomes (3/life).
              One additional life (total 3.)


    (GS:  Fionnghal)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 5:1
    Armour:  1 point natural body armour due to dexterity.
    Attacks:  Short swords, daggers and throwing daggers only.  
         1)   Steal (5/life), range 20 feet, must say "I
              steal that (object)" x3.  The object may be
              retrieved from the Gypsy within a 100 count
              by  making the Gypsy return or drop the
              object.   The Gypsy may drop the object at
              any time during the initial 100 count by
              saying "I drop this  (object)" x1.  The owner
              of the object may then stop for a count of 5
              to  retrieve the object.  If the object is not
              retrieved within the 100 count,  the object
              and any enchantments are considered lost.
              The player must  return to base for a 100
              count to retrieve a new object.  This ability 
              only simulates the theft, it does not allow
              the Gypsy access to other  people's
              equipment.  Once something has been
              "stolen", it is unusable  unless it is retrieved
              from the Gypsy by killing him or having
              him drop  it, or a new object is gotten after
              a 100 count at the base.  The player  does
              NOT give the equipment to the Gypsy. 
              This ability does not work  on Game Items,
              Garb, Armor, Enchanted Shields, or any
              item that is  in use when the Gypsy Chant
              began.  (example, a warrior engaged in 
              combat cannot have his sword stolen,  but if
              the warrior is just  standing around, sword
              in hand, it can be stolen.  A wizard casting
              a  spell cannot have his spell book stolen,
              but it can be stolen if he is  fighting using
              swords and not casting magic.)
         1)   Gypsies cannot attack other Gypsies, their
              kinship to one another is too strong.
         2)   Gypsies are affected by Bardic "Presence"
              as per Barbarian  (Due to the kinship they
              have with Bards.) 
    Garb:  Must wear a multicolored bandanna that covers the head
    and a bright tunic.
         Throughout the centuries these rogues have plagued
         the world.  The ultimate traveller, Gypsies care only
         to make a quick profit before they move on.
    Lives:  3
         1st  As above.
         2nd  Pass without Trace (1/game) as per Druid.
              Swindle (1/game), 20 ft range. The Gypsy
              states "I have the deal of a lifetime for
              you!"x3.  The Gypsy then must trade melee
              weapons with the victim, and may use the
              new weapon for the rest of that life no
              matter what it is without penalty to
              dexterity. Relics and Magic cannot be
              swindled.  Does not work on Berserk
              Barbarians, Relics, or Monks.
         3rd  One reusable Sleep Powder Bolt  or 
              Poison Weapon (1/game) as per Assassin. 
              Antidote to Poison  as per Assassin (ie. as
              per iceball).
              Sleep Powder Bolt is charged by saying
              "Sleep Powder"x5.  Upon a hit, the victim
              must "sleep" for 300 count and cannot be
              attacked.  Since this simulates the victim
              being drugged (only berserkers and those
              immune to poisons are immune to this
              ability).  Cure Poison or Antidote to Poison
              removes the effects of  Sleep Powder
         4th  Prophecy (1/Game), enchantment (ie. as
              per invulnerability).  Must hold a yellow
              ribbon in hand and say "I foresee a
              disaster"x10 and tie the ribbon to the
              recipient, will negate only one (1) physical
              hit or magical attack.  Usable oneself, or
              another.  This simulates the Gypsy
              "foreseeing" the future for himself or
              another, and thus allowing the barer to
              advert disaster.
              Heal (1/life)
         5th  Swindle (2/game), acts exactly as per
              Dying Gasp Curse (1/game), 20 ft range. 
              When the Gypsy is killed he/she has the
              option of cursing his/her opponent upon
              his/her last dying gasp.  Gypsy states upon
              dying "I curse thou with my last dying
              gasp"x1.  Will kill after a hundred (100)
              count unless removed by Remove Curse or
              if the victim has protection from death.
              May wear up to 1 point of armor.
         6th  Finger of Death (1/game) as per Druid.


    (GS:  Vaargard)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 8:1 (QUEST)
    Armour:   6 points
    Attacks:  1 long swords per 'head' 1 flail treated as red
              weapons, (see Notes on Play below)
         1)   Invulnerability
          2)  Unlimited use of a breath weapon as per
              Dragon (at higher level)
          3)  Scare 2/life, as per Wraith.
          5)  'Tail' may fight after death as per Barbarian
              regardless of cause of death (exception -
              Sphere of Annihilation). The tail is
              automatically considered dead if all 'head's
              are slain.
    Garb:  Scales and metallic fabrics.
         Hydra are huge, usually reptilian, monsters invariably
         equipped with two or more 'head's. Hydra are
         uncommon in civilized lands. They are always vicious
         and hungry and wreak havoc upon their surroundings
         and are rumored to live indefinitely if not slain by
         violence. Even grizzled veterans balk at the prospect
         of facing the smallest hydra. It has been recorded that
         Hydra were once commonly bound into service as
         guardians by powerful mages and some fulfill their
         forgotten roles to this day. The magic used to bind
         these creatures has been lost to the ages, but rumors
         persist of mages that still posses the knowledge to
         harness the power of these monsters.
    Notes:    Hydra are huge and chaotic so they are best played by
              several players tied at the waist (usually 10 -20 feet
              between individual 'appendages') to form the beast. It
              is usual for there to be a from 2 to 8 ''head's' (Long
              sword and spell balls if needed)  and a 'tail' (an
              individual with a flail or long sword) though other
              combinations are possible dependant upon the size of
              the Hydra (and the amount of rope available!) Each
              person has armor equal to the total given to the level
              of the Hydra (i.e. In the case of a level 1 Hydra, a
              ''head'' has  6 points of armor and the 'tail' has 6
              points of armor of his/her own.)  Unlike normal rules
              of combat, any strike to a 'part' of a behemoth 
              removes a point of armor. For example- if the 'left
              arm' whom has 6 points of armor is hit in the leg 
              he/she would lose a part of overall armor and thus be
              reduced to 5 armor points. If the same 'left arm' is
              struck again, this time in the torso , he would be
              reduced to 4 points of armor, and so on. upon losing
              all his/her armor and being slain, a body part should
              drop his weapon or separate himself from the 'body'.
              If all the 'head's are killed, the tail will fight on for 10
              seconds before the signal reaches it that it too is dead.
              It is possible for Hydra to run but it is a rare
              occurrence for several reasons: In reality a Hydra is
              much like a three-legged race with several people
              involved and it takes considerable effort from a ''head''
              to convince the other ''head's' that he/she knows the
              best way to reach their objective.
    Lives: 1
         1st  One 'head' may use any first level bolt spell
              (unlimited usage, need only state "name of
          2nd      As above
          3rd      One 'head'  may use any second level bolt
                   spell (unlimited usage, need only state
                   "name of bolt"x3). ('Head' may be different
                   from 'head' using 1st level bolt)
          4th      As above
          5th      One 'head' may use any dragon breath of
                   choice (unlimited usage, need only state
                   "name of bolt"x3). ('Head' may be different
                   from 'head' using 1st or second level bolt)
          6th      Regeneration (as per troll) or Hypnotic
                   Gaze [Stun spell (unlimited usage, duration
                   special-see note), but Barbarians and Monks
                   3rd level or above are immune].
               1)  The latter ability is considered
                   non-magical and may be 'disrupted'
                   by inflicting damage to the victim
                   (ie- leg or arm shot). This
                   represents one of the 'head's having
                   the ability to transfix an opponent
                   with its gaze. Any 'head' using this
                   ability must maintain visual
                   contact with his target. If the 'head'
                   averts its gaze, then the target is
                   immediately freed. Only one 'head'
                   may use this power at any given
                   time.  Does not affect those
                   immune to Charm magics.
               2)  Hydra are huge rampaging
                   monsters that should take lots of
                   people (and lots of lives!) to halt.
                   It is best used as a 'bash the
                   beastie' or introductory
                   mini-adventure. Perhaps the local
                   shire is called out to prevent or
                   slow down the creature's advance
                   or the city sends out the militia to
                   defend itself.  It is suggested that
                   no less than 20 people be faced
                   with a Hydra and that a healer be
                   available to the players.


    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 2:1
    Armour:   2 points.
    Attacks:  2 Short swords, considered Red weapons.
         1)   Tracking, as per Scout ability.
         2)   May go Berserk as per Barbarian.
         3)   Lycanthropes may only be harmed by
              magical or silver weapons, and these will
              only deal normal damage, with no side
         4)   Immune to all forms of sleep and yield.
         1)   A cure disease will cause a Lycanthrope to
              revert into it s original form for the rest of
              that life. Note:  original form  should be
              considered a peasant warrior, unless the
              were is an infected one.
    Garb:  Varies as per the animal portrayed.
         These are the are the feared creatures of legend who
         may change their form from human, to not-so-human.
         They may be wolves, bears, tigers, rats, or any
         animal. There are two forms of these creatures.  There
         are two types of Lycanthropes:
         A)   The  natural  Lycanthrope, which was born
              with the ability to shift form. They have full
              control over their changes, and are cunning
              to the extreme. 
         B)   Those who have been infected with the
              disease by the bite of a true Lycanthrope,
              and are doomed thereby.  They have no
              conscious control over their actions or
              changes, attacking anything blindly, and are
              usually controlled by a true Lycanthrope.
              Any one killed 3 times by a Lycanthrope,
              will become one of these, for the remainder 
              of their lives, under the control of the one
              who transformed  them.     
    Lives:  3
         1st  Berserk on last life.
         2nd  As above.
         3rd  Scare (1/life) As per troll.
         4th  Berserk on last 2 lives.
         5th  As above.
         6th  Berserk on last 3 lives.


    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   2 points.
    Attacks:  Single Short sword and Bow.
         1)   Short sword is considered Poisoned.
         2)   All arrows fired by the Medusa are also
              considered Poisoned.
         3)   Petrifying Gaze, padded grey spell ball,
              effects as per Druid Flesh to Stone, with
              unlimited usage.
         4)   Stoning Touch, upon contact of an
              opponent, must state "Stone"x1 effects as
              per Druid Flesh to Stone, may be extended
              through weapon.     
         5)   Immune to Petrify, Flesh to Stone, and
         1)   If the medusa hits the Shield of Reflection
              with a Petrifying Gaze, then the Medusa
              will be turned to stone instead.
    Garb:  Elegant garb and with snakes added to hair.
         An evil merger of woman and snake, the Medusa is
         a creature so vile in aspect, that her mere visage is
         enough to change a man to stone. Snakes writhe upon
         her skull in place of hair, and her lower body is that
         of a snake.
    Lives:  3
         1st  Stoning Touch (1/life).
         2nd  Scare (1/life) as per Wraith.
         3rd  As above.
         4th  As above.
         5th  Scare (2/life).
         6th  Stoning Touch (2/life).


    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   None initially.
    Attacks:  A Single dagger.
         1)   Yield as per dryad ability, but with a
              100 range (5/life).
         2)   Circle of Protection, similar to Wizard spell,
              must say  Nature protect me x3 (3/life)
         3)   Sirens are tied to a specific area, and may
              not wander more then 50  from that are.
         4)   Additional abilities at higher levels.
    Garb:  Grey robes.
         These beings are a race resembling human females,
         and something very inhuman. They sing most of their
         lives, luring unsuspecting travelers to their doom. To
         help them along, they are both incredibly seductive,
         and extremely beautiful. Both assets they use to give
         them the advantage over a weary male.
    Lives:  3
         1st  As above.
         2nd  1 point of armour.
         3rd  1 additional Circle of Protection. (4/life).
         4th  As above.
         5th  1 additional Circle of Protection. (5/life).
         6th  Confusion, as per Druid spell. (1/life).


    (DS:  Labrynth)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 5:1 (QUEST)
    Armour:   2 points.
    Attacks:  2 short swords, claws, count as red.
         1)   Flight: Being winged creatures, sphinxes
              may fly by saying "I take flight" x3. All the
              usual conventions for flight apply.
         2)   All sphinx gain points to use in magic
              depending on their level. They may use
              these points on any mage or bard spell of
              twice their level or less (i.e a third level
              sphinx can use sixth level magic).
    Garb:  Fake fur trousers and sleeves over a "nude leotard
    would give the basic sphinx body. Wings could be affixed to
    the upper arms or by a harness to the back.
    Description:   Sphinxes are large desert dwelling monsters
                   with the limbs of a lion, the wings of an
                   eagle, and the torso and head of a woman.
                   Sphinxes are master riddlers and are strong
                   in magic.
    Lives: 3
         1st  3 points magic: The sphinx has 3 points to
              spend on any level wizard spells.
         2nd  Counterspell (1/life), the sphinx's
              knowledge of magic is so acute that they
              can make themselves or another participant
              immune to any one spell. This is cast by
              saying "Counterspell (name of spell)" x5,
              and affixing a ribbon to the recipient's arm.
              If cast on anyone except the sphinx itself
              this counts as an enchantment, if cast on the
              sphinx it doesn't. The Sphinx or recipient
              should inform a reeve of which spell they
              are immune to.
         3rd  +3 points magic: The sphinx's magic point
              total goes up to 6.
         4th  Confusion: (2/life) This spell works exactly
              like the 6th level Druid spell of the same
              name except that the Sphinx need only say
              "I make thee confused" x2 This is the power
              of the great riddle)     Counterspell:
              The counterspell becomes (2/life).
         5th  Dispel Magic: (2/life) This spell works
              exactly like the wizard spell of the same
              The sphinx may carry 2 enchantments.
         6th  +3 points magic: The sphinx's magic point
              total goes up to 9.

    Troll, Regenerating

    (BL:  Cheshire)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   1 point. More at higher levels.
    Attacks:  2 Short swords, count as  RED  weapons, due to
         1)   Regeneration. All lost limbs will grow back
              after a 50 count. After a death shot, a troll
              will come back to life after a 50 count. (this
              does not      count towards his total
              lives lost) The process of regeneration is
              negated by any form of fire, or by any
              magical weapon.
         2)   Scare must say, "I make thee afraid x2
              (2/life).  Victims of this must stay away
              from the troll for a 1000 count, and cannot
              attack the troll during this time. Once a
              person has been affected by this ability, they
              may not be scared again, until their next
    Garb:  Crude clothing, fur/skin loincloth.  Grey make-up,
    tusk-like fangs.
         A troll is a vicious, disgusting creature whose very
         presence is one which strikes fear into most. Their
         hide is a nauseating mixture of moss greens, grays,
         blacks, and mottled greens. These creatures are
         disgusting to look at, and are relentless when
         attacking, due to their pea-sized brains.
    Lives:  2
         1st  As above.
         2nd  As above.
         3rd  1 additional point of armour. (2 total)
         4th  1 additional life. (3 total)
         5th  1 additional point of armour. (3 total)
         6th  As above.

    Troll, Stone

    (BL:  RAN)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 3:1
    Armour:   2 points natural Stoneskin.
    Attacks:  Any melee club, mace or hammer, and rocks.
         1)   Immunities as per a Barbarian.
         2)   Weapons used count as Red due to strength
              (including thrown rocks!).
         3)   Immune to all Fear-based attacks.
         4)   Petrify will heal 1 point of Stoneskin on 1
         1)   The blinding light of lightning-based attacks
              will return Trolls to the stone from which
              they were made. Lightning Bolt and Call
              Lightning affect a Troll as Petrify would
              affect anyone else.
    Garb: Crude clothing, fur/skin loincloth.  Grey make-up,
    tusk-like fangs.
         Trolls are as tough and stupid as stone. Their exact
         origin is clouded, although some say they are related
         to giants (but I wouldn't suggest that to a giant's
         face...). Trolls live in order to eat and play. Eating
         means fresh meat - raw or cooked - and play means
         killing and pillaging. Trolls are huge (10-12
         ft./650-850 Lbs.) and immensely strong, with thick
         bodies and limbs.
    Lives:  2
         1st  As above
         2nd  1 additional life (3 total)
         3rd  1 additional point of Stoneskin (3 points
         4th  May use any melee weapon
         5th  1 additional life (4 total)
         6th  1 additional point of Stoneskin (4 points


    (BL:  Naes)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 1:1 (QUEST)
    Armour:   None.
    Attacks:  Short sword, considered Red, as horn.
         1)   Heal, as per healer spell. Unlimited usage.
         2)   Teleport, unlimited usage. To Teleport, a
              Unicorn must pull a hood over it s head.
              This means that the garb for a unicorn must
              have a hood.
         3)   The unicorn must declare a home tree. A
              unicorn           can wander freely about
              the battlefield, and is not tied to this spot.
              Any deaths a unicorn receives will not count
              against it s total number of lives, until this
              home tree is destroyed.
         4)   Additional abilities gained at higher levels.
         5)   Magical Horn, short sword, considered
              Bladesharped.  Also versus thrusts it does 2
              points of damage.  May only be removed
              after the Unicorn has been subdued or
              killed.  May not be destroyed, but if
              removed the Unicorn loses all abilities.  
              Horn may Mend item as per Mend spell
              (2/life).  Anyone that removes the horn may
              uses it's abilities.
    Garb:  White Cloak and golden horn.
         These magical creatures resemble a great white horse
         with a large spiraling horn protruding from it s head.
         They are very kind hearted, and will usually help out
         a party in dire need. By this, they will always remain
    Lives:  3
         1st  As above.
         2nd  A unicorn may resurrect a dead person who
              is brought to their home tree (3/life).
         3rd  As above.
         4th  May cast Lost, as per healer. (1/life).
         5th  As above.
         6th  Lost (3/life).

    White Rabbit

    (BL:  Cheshire)
    Type:  Mystical Creature
    Q/M Ratio 10:1 (QUEST)
    Armour:   8 points natural body armour.
    Attacks:  2 short swords.
         1)   Invulnerability.
         2)   Animal Rights Activism, cast by saying
              "I have rights too dammit" x 5. When cast,
              all Scouts and Druids, within a 200ft
              diameter, must come to the Rabbits aid.  All
              Barbarians automatically go Berserk.
              Monsters just ignore the Rabbit's pleas,
              because they have their own political
              lobbies. 1/battle.
         2)   Cuteness Spell, cast by saying "you
              wouldn't hurt a cute little thing like me,
              would you?" x3.  Range 20 ft. The victim
              must follow the Rabbit around gaping like
              an idiot for a 100 count, before returning to
              his base to tell her friends about the cute
              little bunny they just saw.
         3)   Immune to all magic that charms, controls,
              holds, yields, or sleeps. Enchanted weapons
              do normal weapon damage.
    Garb:  A white, furry bunny suit complete with ears. What,
    were you expecting something dignified?
         From the lowest depths of hell emerges the most
         fearsome creature of all: the WHITE RABBIT!  Well,
         it IS viscous. Honest. I'm not lying. It has BIG teeth!
         Well, look at the bones! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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    by Sir Ivar Nefarious
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