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Please note that this from the printed edition--Ivar.

This edition of the Dor Un Avathar has a distinctly inter-kingdom flare. All groups, from shires to kingdoms, were invited to submit art and monsters to this endeavor. As you can see, the younger groups, in the true spirit of Amtgard, joined forces with the oldest to make this edition possible.

Two individuals, Rakasta and Duke Sir Talinor, above all others, deserve my deepest gratitude for their thoughts and writings which have made these monsters playable and fun.

Lord Vaargard of the Granyte Spyre blessed this edition with an amazing cover. I think you'll agree, his talent is incredible.

Countess Kat and Grand Duke Sir Aramithris have spent hours editing and fixing my many mistakes. Thank you. All errors that made it past these two gifted individuals are my fault alone.

The following individuals either submitted art or monsters:

Andacar (PV), Aramithris (BL), Aremen (IG), Axgar (BL), Cherek (IM), Cheshire (BL), Crosser (PV), Cynthia (SW), Diego (IG), Egil (DS), Eric Lopez (BL), Esoum (BL), Fedora (BL), Fionnghal (GS), Franchesca (CK), Gilgrick (GS), Garm Battlecraze (SV), Gwynne (BL), Ivar (BL), Kaboth (BK), Labrynth (DS), Lucas (SW), Malice (MS), Morbid (BL), Neas (BL), Nithanalorn (BD), Rakasta (BL), Raxx (BL), The Rogue's Guild (DS), The Royal Amtgard Navy (BL), Sionnach (BL), Stu (Mordengaard), Talinor (BL), Tawnee (BL), Terarin (BL), and Vaargard (GS). Amtgard thanks you.

My final thanks goes to those previous editors of this publication who gave Amtgard the foundation from which I compiled this edition. Vivat Amtgard!

If you would like to find your monster or art in the next edition of Dor Un Avathar, please send them my way.

In Service,

Grand Duke Sir Ivar Nefarious of the Burning Lands

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This document was last updated on January 1, 1998
by Sir Ivar Nefarious
Copyright: 1986-2000
by Amtgard, Kingdom of the Burning Lands
The 7th edition, being an update of the 6th edition monster rules
in the reigns of: the monarchs of the 8 kingdoms-
Ivar, Taldak, Arion, Oriana, Wolfram, Stefan, Lukor, Ashki