Amtgard Corpora Section 7 -- Other Amtgard Groups
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Amtgard Corpora Section 7 -- Other Amtgard Groups

7.1 Amtgard groups may choose to form in other cities. They may use the name of "Amtgard," but may not call themselves the Burning Lands, as that is reserved to the parent group's: Kingdom status, incorporation as a non-profit group, and the name of the central (Burning Lands) Board of Directors.

7.2 New groups must sign the Amtgard contract (Agreement) with the Central (Burning Lands) Board of Directors.

7.3 New groups must have a sponsoring kingdom.

7.4 This corpora is written with Kingdom level groups in mind. Smaller new groups may form and change status through the hierarchy of Shire/Barony/Duchy/Kingdom via the following criteria:
7.41 Shire- as per the contract
7.42 Barony- as per the contract
7.43 Duchy- as per the contract
7.44 Kingdom-
7.441 as per the contract, and
7.442 a majority vote of the Monarchs of all currently existing kingdoms

7.5 All new groups are bound by the Amtgard rules (handbook), this corpora, and the contract.

7.6 Awards and Orders:
7.61 New groups may award orders by type (i.e.- so many roses, etc.) up to a maximum level as follows:
7.611 Shire- second level
7.612 Barony- fifth level
7.613 Duchy- eighth level
7.62 Sponsoring Kingdoms may award any number of awards and orders to new groups under their jurisdiction.

7.7 Titles:
7.71 New groups may not award titles of Nobility, Knighthood, and Masterhoods until and if they achieve kingdom status.
7.72 New groups may create their own awards, orders, and non- noble titles.
7.73 Sponsoring kingdoms may award titles to new groups under their jurisdiction.
7.74 Suggested criteria for titles awarded to former (stepping down) officers of new groups (Awarded by the sponsoring Kingdom's Monarch):

      Shire         Barony        Duchy        Kingdom Equivalent

       Lord          Baronet       Baron        Monarch

       Master        Lord          Baronet      Consort

       Esquire       Master        Lord         Prime Minister

       Esquire       Esquire       Master       Champion

7.8 Officers- New group officers are referred to as follows:

      Shires             Barony                Duchy               Kingdom Equivalent 

       Sheriff            Baron                 Duke                Monarch

       Regent             Baronial Regent       Ducal Consort       Royal Consort 

       Chancellor         Chancellor            Chancellor          Prime Minister

       Shire Champ.       Baronial Champ.       Ducal Champ.        Champion

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by Sir Ivar Nefarious
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