Amtgard Corpora Section 5 -- Order of Precedence
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Amtgard Corpora Section 5 -- Order of Precedence

5.1 Royalty, Nobility, Peerage

5.2 Other Positions:
a. Monarch (King/Queen)
b. Prime Minister
c. Royal Consort
d. Grand Duke
e. Arch Duke
f. Court Champion
g. Duke
h. Marquis
i. Viscount
j. Champion
k. Baron
l. Knighthood
m. Baronet
n. Warlord
o. the title of Master
p. esquire
q. Guildmaster of Reeves
r. Captain of the Guard
s. Scribe, Court Herald, and Jester
t. Weaponmaster
u. Warmaster, Arts and Sciences
v. All other guildmasters
w. All other court positions
x. Royal guardsmen
y. Masters of service orders
z. Masters of guilds
aa. Company/House heads
bb. Squire
cc. Reeves guild
dd. Company/House officers

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This document was last updated on May 19, 1997
by Sir Ivar Nefarious
Copyright: 1983-2000
By Amtgard Inc. (Kingdom of the Burning Lands)