Amtgard Corpora Section 2 -- Other Positions
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Amtgard Corpora Section 2 -- Other Positions

2.1 Colleges of Arts and Sciences:
2.11 The non-fighting guilds shall have a guildmaster chosen every six months at the Crown feast. The Monarch shall choose the Science guildmasters, and the Consort shall choose the Arts guildmasters.
2.12 Although the guilds will vary, the following are examples:
2.121 Arts- Art, Garbers, Literature, Minstrels, Theatre, Drama
2.122 Sciences- Heraldry, Sages, Engineers, Gladiators, Smiths, Vitners
2.13 Guildmasters are responsible for encouraging the interest, growth, and application of their particular discipline in the group.
2.14 Certain Arts and Sciences guilds have additional duties:
2.141 Garbers- inform the Monarch and Prime Minister when a garber credit should be awarded for one of the following reasons: making nice garb for others, armor construction, flag construction, making superior garb for oneself (note that garber credits may be awarded in addition to orders of the Dragon).
2.142 Heraldry- collect and maintain the personal symbols and persona histories of all group members.
2.143 Smiths-
2.1431 Inform the Monarch and Prime Minister when a smith credit should be awarded for one of the following reasons: sponsoring a major Amtgard event, publication, or workshop, or any other comparable service to Amtgard.
2.1432 Aid the Monarch, and especially the Champion and Guildmaster of Reeves, to insure that equipment utilized on the battlefield is safe.
2.1433 Inform the Prime Minister when a person achieves a new weapon classification rating in dueling. Ratings are gained in each weapons class by the schedule that follows:
AA win twelve or more consecutive duels*
A win six or more consecutive duels*
B win a tourney (four or more duels)*
C place 2nd or 3rd in a tourney (four or more duels)*
* duels must be fought against four or more different opponents determined by the dueling/tourney organizers.
2.1434 Work with the Prime Minister to keep people's dueling records accurate.

2.2 Reeves Guild:
2.21 Members are those who have passed the Reeves test within the last six months with a score of 75% or better.
2.22 Though under the jurisdiction of the Monarch and the Guildmaster of Reeves, the Reeves have the following powers over the battlegames:
2.221 May add newcomers and adjust the teams to balance a game.
2.222 May call whether a hit on a person is valid or not.
2.223 May take unsafe people or equipment off the battlefield.
2.224 May take time off a person's death if he died especially well.
2.225 May declare a person dead if he persistently is causing problems.
2.226 May declare the end to a game if play is stagnating.
2.227 May appropriate additional reeves if they are needed.
2.23 Reeves are responsible for the following:
2.231 Must ensure that the games are safe to participants and bystanders.
2.232 Shall retrieve expended and discarded equipment.
2.233 Shall help the participants in their understanding of the games.
2.234 Shall ensure that the quality of play is honest and in keeping with the spirit of the rules and corpora.

2.3 Monarch's/Consort's Guard:
2.31 No more than ten people shall fill these slots. They will be chosen by the Monarch and the Consort.
2.32 Shall escort the Crown and aid the Captain of the Guard in his/her duties.

2.4 Circle of Steel:
2.41 Shall be composed of the captains of all companies with three or more participating members.
2.42 Shall organize and orchestrate company-related activities within the group.

2.5 Consort's Defender:
2.51 Shall be chosen by the Monarch's Consort.
2.52 Will escort and serve the Consort in much the same way the Champion augments the Monarch.

2.6 Court Bard:
2.61 Appointment and dismissal are the Monarch's option.
2.62 Responsible for organization and performance of the arts at official Amtgard functions.

2.7 Court Jester:
2.71 Appointment and dismissal are the Monarch's option.
2.72 Responsible for humor and levity at official Amtgard functions.
2.73 May double as the herald for all announcements of the Crown.

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